What is Sateur and why it is getting so Popular

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Who doesn’t love diamonds? The shiny stones that are known to be the toughest and the most reflective towards the light; that is where they get their shine from. To own this shinning object, people have invaded lands and created wars and sadly also taken each other’s lives frequently. Diamonds for the value that they hold are considerably expensive.

Sateur stone is an alternative to a diamond. It looks just the same, but it costs much less. At about only 1% of the cost of a diamond, you can take a stone that is equally beautiful and shining. This stone is becoming highly popular among jewelry enthusiasts. Here is a list of the reasons Sateur is becoming so popular.


It Is Created for Cost Efficiency and Quality


While owning an actual diamond costs significantly high, Sateur comes to propose a more economical solution. It is affordable by almost anyone. This creates an opportunity to fulfill the desire of being adorned with a piece of diamond. It may not be the diamond itself but it is also no different in its looks.


It comes with a 3 Year Warranty

For any business, the business owners can give warranty promises if they are sure of the quality of the goods they are offering. It is an assurance to Satuer’s premium quality. It is designed with precision and advanced technology that ensures longevity and at the same time elegance. It is scratch-proof, and it doesn’t break easily.

It is not rare as a diamond

Diamonds are extremely rare, as there is a limited source to them. They are only found in specific areas of the world. The mines that contain diamond are not large, such as other precious stones and metals. This goes back to millions of years ago, while carbon was pressurized in high temperatures and amounts of pressure to create diamonds. It only happened in small parts of the world making this beautiful stone very limited to access. Sateur stone on the other than is man-made and available as much as the market demands. You can have one in the color you love and in the shape that is suitable to your taste and personality.


It is meant for people who love fashion

heart shaped sateur ring

Diamond has a reputation for not being for everyone. It is not easy to match a shining stone with clothes and shoes that don’t reduce its elegance or overwhelm the whole look. It could be worn only by the people who are talented in fashion designs and styles. Although having the talent alone is not enough, you do require the diamond itself. Satuer gives this opportunity to fashion enthusiastic to rock their styles with an identical piece of diamond.


It is difficult to know the difference

Sateur ring

The amount of identical to a diamond to Sateur stone is so much that no one can tell the difference. It requires specific instruments to check for the authenticity of the stone. Other than that, it is technically impossible to know the difference with the naked eye. This is the difference between fake diamonds and Sateur stone. This very reason categorizes Satuer as a legitimate jewelry stone.


Customer assurance

When you buy yourself a jewelry piece of Satuer, you are sure to have received quality jewelry. The shine and elegance of this stone are to a point that adds to your own shine and elegance. The quality is unquestionable. This is another reason for the widespread popularity of this gemstone.


It is cruelty-free

The rare shine of the diamond comes with a price that cannot be paid by cash only. There is a darker side in the extraction diamond from the mountains. Diamond has a bad reputation and is called ‘blood diamond’ for its history. Many people have been killed and tortured in order to some diamond lords to get their hands on this stone. This is the reason many people disregard the cash requirement, avoid having diamonds. They don’t want to take part in the dark history of it, even though they might love to have a diamond. Sateur gemstone has to provide a solution for this matter. It is artificially made, and no one has been murdered to produce it. At the same time, it is no different than the original beautification of a diamond.


Who made it?

It was created by Felix Francoi, who was born in a family with a jewelry background. For many years, they produced jewelry before Felix was born. He came up with the idea when he decided to impress his fiance with a proposal ring. He wanted to propose her with a stone that didn’t exist anywhere in the world. He invented Sateur and placed it on top of a beautifully made ring. Realizing the eye-catching beauty of the gemstone he created, they both started to produce it. They join together in its promotion and only in three years; It became a worldwide blast of business. Their customers loved a gemstone created with such a magnificent design. Technically, this design was born while Felix’s heart was pressurized under an immense amount of heat and love pressure; a lot similar to actual diamond themselves.



It is made for everyone with an appreciation of beauty. It doesn’t have to be difficult to look elegant. Fashion is for everyone and not only a certain class of people. The cruelty–free and love-born history of Sateur stone gives it the upper hand while being a humanitarian choice of stone. The quality and art that has created this jewelry is the true value of it added with a head-turning shine similar to a true diamond. Diamonds are for everyone when it comes to Sateur beauty policy.

Image credits: Sateur.com

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