11 Best Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas in 2023

Happy mothers day 2023

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to think about saying ‘thanks’ to such an important person in your life than right now. This Mother’s Day, whether you’re shopping for your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, wife, or another special mother figure in your life, make sure you take the time to truly pick out … [Read more]

7 Cool Masks You Can Wear This Halloween

LED mask for halloween

Face masks and sanitizers in the present period are considered as modern essentials. Face masks have now been redeveloped as one of the most fashionable commodities. There is a significant rise in the demand for fashionable face masks in the past few months. The demand has been raised vigorously not just to prevent direct contact with contaminated diseases present in … [Read more]

What Is Dende Oil And Where To Buy It?

Dende Oil

Dende oil is a thick, dark, reddish-orange with a strong taste that is extracted from the pulp of a type of palm grown in Africa and Brazil. It is used in cooking in West Africa and Brazil, particularly Bahia. The translation of dende oil to “palm oil” is incorrect because palm oil is usually made from the seeds of a … [Read more]

What is a VSCO girl: A guide to VSCO fashion

VSCO Girls

What does VSCO stand for? Well, VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. This is the name of a photo and edit app that was released way back in 2011, with the particularity of letting the user add filters that will give the final image a look resembling a professional film camera even though the photo was taken with your phone. … [Read more]

A Complete Guide To T?? D?? Fashion And Techniques

  What Is Tie-Dye? Th? piece of information is ?n th? n?m?. A structure ?f “resist-dyeing”, tie-dye includes tw??t?ng, ?rum?l?ng ?nd bun?h?ng ??rt??n? ?f f?br?? before tying th?m off with ?tr?ng ?r elastic groups ?nd ?ubm?rg?ng the piece of clothing ?n d??. This l??v?? ??rt? ?f m?t?r??l ??th?r ??rt??ll? ?r ??m?l?t?l? unexposed t? th? d??, ?r??t?ng ?w?rl?ng, roundabout ??tt?rn? ??r??? … [Read more]

A Complete Guide to Become a VSCO Girl

Social media has changed our lives, our values and even has made us different. It gives us a different outlook towards life and teaches us things we didn’t know they even exist. It has created trends and even new styles. These trends are based on popularity; they are not the decision of the few elite fashion designers. It is people-driven … [Read more]