A Complete Guide To Shamanic Diet 

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plant based diet

Eating is important, what you eat is important, when you eat is also important but what is more important is how you eat anything. We know, we understand that sounds confusing, but it is also important to understand what we are trying to imply here. 

There is a general saying “you become what you eat”, not to forget this is not just a vague statement, in fact, it is totally a true case. The diet we consume today defines us, the polluted food we eat is changing our mindset towards everything. We are becoming a little less human with every wrong diet. So, that means we have to change our way of eating, or do we need to change what we eat? To an extent both, we need to consider both. We have to make our diet plan pure and need to follow it on a regular basis. And you might even be surprised to know that such a diet plan is not just a random idea that came into someone’s thought, instead, this type of diet plan even has a name and that is a shamanic diet. 


The belief of Shamanic

The name shamanic came from another name shaman. Shaman means an individual having the touch and power to interact with the world of evil and good. Shamanic diet pretty much deals with the same ideology as well. If you eat evil you become evil if you eat pure you become pure. And by evil here does not mean just the evil we know but the evil that dwells with us but we cannot see it because we might even not consider it bad. 

The shamanic diet is very must be associated with the plant diet. The purity plants have and the way they can influence the heart of an individual to follow the good is all that the shamanic diet wants to teach us. 


The Shamanic diet

The shamanic diet as discussed above is the diet-related to plants as it promotes the idea of pure and non-contaminated eating that will lead to purity in the soul body and mind. 


Why plants?

The shamanic diet does not only says the diet of plant, it, in general, but is also a diet that so much of purity that it can take up the mind of the eater. The diet we consume today has so many impurities in them as not just harmful for the body but also for the soul as well. 


What does impure food mean?

By impure food, it does not mean mainly mixed food it is indeed a few levels up than that. In reality, fast food and what we call junk food is all impure food if you consider them. The deep-fried oily food and the lustful food which we never pay attention to while eating is all that you call an impure diet. The pure diet is actually very rare and it has its reasons to be rare. As no one got time to think about it and sit and prepare a meal full of goodness. And not just time the lust and greed for taste as well. Let us understand in detail. 


Why shamanic diet is not followed by all?

As said about time yes it is a very important factor, the Shamanic diet is not just eating food instead it is a deeper connection with the good spirit, and all of that required time, patience, and discipline which is nowhere to be found common in recent times. 

The second factor is taste. Every food is delicious if you have enough time to appreciate it, but the human mind is becoming greedy day by day, we need extra taste in everything. Our greed is the reason we do not appreciate a good diet instead we want something to spice our taste. This nature is also very much the reason why shamanic diet is important to calm our minds. But this looped cycle that has been created with the modern diet, is difficult to stop. 


Let us know more about the Shamanic diet

Shamanic diet is all about achieving purity in our souls and life so it demotes every activity that takes us away from it. Food such as spices, meat, and alcohol must be avoided. These 3 are just some examples there is a long list of food that needs to be avoided in the diet. 

This diet is not very easy to follow and can cause some problems in the initial days of the diet plan. So, if you are going to follow you will need a special plan to follow it, there are various centers as well which help the person follow the diet. 


Shamanic diet plan

The diet plan is not an easy one to start with, it is in fact very much layered and is required to be followed step by step. So the plan would be divided into different sessions and phases and each of them would have a separate target to achieve. 


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Beginning session 

This requires some of your pre efforts, here you have to leave your regular diet that includes sugar, salt, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other taste-enhancing food, you have to let go of your need for taste here. 


So can I consume? 

After that, you must be wondering what to eat to be considered pure. Then you have to follow the diet of vegetables, fruits, rice, and nuts. And do not forget liquid, you need to have enough water in your body to remove the toxic waste inside. 


Peace of mind

This is not just about food, you need to consider others to consider other things as well. You have to stay away from the lust of your body and the need to focus on yourself. Control your mind, control your emotions, let go of all toxic thoughts of the world, and try to meditate in that time. 



The shamanic diet is a diet that will heal your soul, you just have to give away all your negativity you gathered till now. Focus on the good outcomes of it, it might seem difficult in the beginning but slowly and steadily you will get used to it and the new dimension of positivity and light you will experience would be parallel to none. 


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