Why You Must Try Golo Diet


Your health matters. It is important to pay attention to what you fuel your body with, disregard your weight. This is to ensure not only a long life but also beneficial years, especially in old age.

Being over-weight can adversely affect total wellbeing. A healthy weight helps balance hormones. Hormones are the chemical compounds that are naturally excreted in our bodies and control just about anything; our feeling, our behavior, and our looks are largely controlled by our hormones.  This is the main reason that we must maintain a healthy weight. Our bodies are different. Therefore, different diets are created to fit your perfect body type.

There is a common base in the weight loss plans, and that is a calorie count. Calories are the energy units released by food in our bodies while metabolism. The higher the calorie is, the more energy is released. If this energy is excessive, then our body stores it in the form of fat. This is a healthy process, but if we overeat constantly, we increase the fat amount to an unnatural level. This is called an unhealthy weight.

There are many diets to fight off excess weight by controlling food and increasing metabolism. One of them is a Golo diet. The Internet search statistic shows the Golo diet, which is the most popular diet in 2016. It is important to do wide research before investing money and exposing our wellbeing to a diet plan. We must understand how our bodies work in response to food, minerals, and vitamins.


What is Golo Diet?



The Golo diet started with being advised by health experts such as doctors and pharmacists. The results were a phenomenon for the individuals who went through the diet. The popularity increased to a point that has become widespread among the people. It is meant for maintaining a healthy weight and weight loss as well. This diet is focused on calorie counting. The controlled number of calories are calculated based on sex, age, and living conditions. This diet avoids processed food completely. They are addictive and interfere with a normal cycle of hormones and metabolism. There is also exercise included in this diet. It is solely meant for weight loss and has helped millions lose weight successfully. The Golo diet advises taking supplements along with the calorie counting practice and exercise. Lack of supplements can disturb the body processes and create imbalances such as food withdrawal.


There are three different programs involved in this diet; 30, 60 and 90 days long, depending on the amount of excessive weight. The program creates healthier portions of food and eating habits for the body. The main parts of these programs are based on the reduction of calories, exercise, and supplements.

Reduce calorie

Golo diet - nutritionally dense calories

Calorie intake is usually fixated on 1300 to 1800 calories per day. The individual has maintained this calorie intake by weighing their food and not eating excessive amounts. They are given a food chart that helps them to calculate their calorie intake. They usually promote bulky food with less calorie density to create a being-full sensation.



It is required to do at least 15 minutes per day and 105 minutes per week exercise while holding this diet. The calorie calculation can be held for longer periods of exercise. Extra calories may be included depending on the person’s job; if it is an intensive activity such as construction work requires higher calorie intake to compare with desk jobs. This is to ensure avoiding deficiency and lack of nutrition. Deficiency has an adverse effect on weight loss as the body enters the scarcity mode and reduces metabolism significantly.

Drinking water


It is always advised to drink ample amounts of water to flush out toxins and increase metabolism. Lack of water has adverse effects on weight loss.

Golo supplement


They offer their own supplements for their weight loss program. The supplements are personalized depending on individual body needs. It is what they believe makes the program different from other dieting programs.


The daily intake limit is 40 mg and promotes strong bones. It helps heart functions and consequently blood circulation. It also assists in regulating the liver and restores insulin resistance, which is common in overweight people. It does not affect weight loss directly, although it is essential to proper body functions.

You may add nutrients that naturally contain magnesium such as legumes and leafy greens and purple food; cherries and eggplants, etc. You must pay attention not to exceed the required daily intake.


Zinc is essential for healthy hair and skin. It also helps to regulate the metabolism rates by increasing muscle efficiency. It is naturally found in animal products, especially seafood, like oysters and crabs.


It is a less famous supplement and found naturally in food like broccoli, wheat and cereals. It helps to control glucose metabolism, and it is a necessary amino acid for the body. The daily intake is about 25 to 35 mcg.

Family of vitamin B

They are especially vital to the health of women. Lack of these vitamins can cause constant food craving. They must be taken with care; It is always good to have a blood test to understand if you have any kind of deficiency.

They offer herbal extract as well. These are the combination of herbs that help the metabolism and assist the optimum function of internal organs that affect the weight loss process; These organs are liver, kidneys and intestine.


Golo diet is one of the most effective diets when it comes to weight loss. It has an integrated approach and helps you reduce weight while keeping an eye for your welfare in general. If you are already taking medication, you may check with your physician before you change your diet drastically or add any supplements to your diet. Some supplements may interfere with some medication and cause harmful results.

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