Musely Face-RX Cream Review: Worth It or Not?

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If you are too worried about the dark cells and wrinkles, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to provide you an honest review of a company that is best known for its dark skin removal and anti-aging creams. 

Yes, from the title, you have understood that we are talking about Musely Face RX cream. This company is famous for its various skincare creams and serums. Their items, Musely Face RX, are very popular and affordable in the market. This organization has an expert online presence, and its website presents its way of thinking, vision, and mission.

About The Company and Product

Face-Rx is an online telemedicine platform where patients get a customized solution from a Board Certified Dermatologist in their State to successfully treat dark cells, skin tone, wrinkles, dark spots, and melasma. 

The best thing is that they offer a facility called eNurse, a subsequent expansion of Face-Rx, which permits a similar MD to help the patient and monitor their development during the 60-day treatment period. 

In 2015, Musely began as an online network where guests make and offer skincare and health tips. In late 2018, Jia and his wife, Cherry, got the best skincare “tip” of all from dermatologist Dr. Jhin – powerful medicine for Tretinoin, Hydroquinone.   

In 2017, it released an online business platform and an application. It presently observes 30 million guests every month. Its new magnificence line, Face Rx, is based on the anti-aging components like hydroquinone and tretinoin. Hydroquinone is offered as a spot cream for $60, and tretinoin is offered as a night cream, sold in a set with an SPF day cream for $82. 

As they are manufacturing beauty products and creams, Musely’s followers are 95% women.  

In 2023, they will expand their business in 50 more states and attract more customers with their user-friendly online facilities and expert treatments. The cost is affordable, but it does not mean the quality is poor.

You can visit the website to check their credibility and testimonials.

Here in this article, we will provide detailed information about the products, its components, treatments, and other aspects as well. Lastly, we will deliver our thoughts on Face RX products.  

Before that, here are 3 tips for your beautiful skins.

3 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

  1. Do not allow repetitive movements like pressing together and scowling the lips.
  2. Rest on a silk pad to keep away from dampness and improve skin textures.
  3. Eat nourishments high in nutrient C, for example, citrus natural products, red peppers, tomatoes, and kale.

Retinol Serum 2.5 percent with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

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Musely Face RX Creams

Musely Face RX – Ingredients

  • Butyloctyl
  • Salicylate
  • Glycerin
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Dimethicone

Is Musely FDA Approved?

Musely is the only FDA approved treatment in the market. Visit their website and take the 60 days treatment to remove wrinkles and dark spots.

Where Do I Apply The Spot Cream?

The E-nurse facilities of Musely will tell you everything. But for the best result, you have to apply it everywhere on the face. For the M+ recipe of The Spot Cream, if you do not mind, apply to dull spots as it were. Avoid the eye zone and lips. Briefly, this is the way to apply these creams.

Is Musely Right for You? 

Regardless of whether you are essentially searching for magnificence skincare items, or health, nutrition products, and related information, or you are searching for a dermatologist to get an alternative treatment for you, you can discover it on Musely. 

Musely is an incredibly helpful site to get items, information, and experts’ consultation from the solace of your own home. It is an extraordinary choice for individuals to get dermatological consultations without travel and other related costs. 

Is Musely Safe?

Musely was established by Jack Jia, who has a set of experiences in putting resources into innovative organizations, advertising, items, and deals. 

He was welcomed by renowned dermatologists to help manufacture Face-Rx; with their mastery and his technical education, he rejuvenated Face-Rx making it available to everybody. Musely utilizes certified clinical specialists and keeps your data hidden using HIPAA programming. You should have a sense of safety, realizing Musely experts are treating you. 

We face many problems with sensitive skin, but the good news is that if your skin is sensitive, this is the best treatment in the market. 

They offer many packages, contact them, and ask for a suitable package for you. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you cannot get a full refund of your money. The Company offers a partial refund of your preferred package.  

Musely Face Rx Treatment and Components 

Musely is the ultimate solution to your skincare problem. Whether you are worried about the wrinkles and dark spots, Face RX offers quick and affordable treatment. Face-Rx is intended to treat the following skincare problems. It includes-  

  • Face
  • Wrinkles
  • Pores size
  • Texture
  • Fine Lines
  • Dull Skin
  • Droopy Eyelids
  • Melasma
  • Sun/Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Neck & Chest
  • Crepey skin
  • Dark spots

Treatment Offered by Face-Rx by Musely

Skin Regeneration Set

Musely skin regeneration set

The Skin Regeneration Set – $82/2 months, in addition to a $20 one-time doctor visit. It treats wrinkles, skin tone, dark spots, and pore size. This bundle includes: 

The Night Cream (30ml) – made with tretinoin, hyaluronic corrosive, and niacinamide to successfully treat wrinkles and dull spots. It comes in 3 qualities. 

  1. Delicate – 0.025%
  2. Adjusted – 0.05%
  3. Veteran 0.1%

The Day Cream (30ml) – SPF multi-day cream made with dynamic components – Octisalate 4.75%, Oxybenzone 4.25%, Avobenzone 3%, and Octocrylene 2.8%. It is a sun protection cream.

The Cleanser (60ml) – contains skin-alleviating fixings, for example, cucumber and kiwi that help clean pores while looking after hydration.

eNurse – with eNurse, you can customize your treatment, track your day-by-day progress, and ask your dermatologist’s inquiries.

The Spot Cream

Musely Spot Cream

The plan is $60/2 months, in addition to a one-time $20 specialist visit. It treats problems like melasma, sun/age spots, and wrinkles. This cream contains hydroquinone and other amazing skincare components that help blur dim spots and light up your skin. The product is great and that is why you should get it. Read our honest review to know more about it.

The Spot Cream works by obstructing melanin development in your skin and subsequently prevents dim spots. This cream comes in four distinct varieties with differing dynamic fixings:

Erase – targets pigment and melasma.

  • Hydroquinone 12%
  • Kojic Acid 6%
  • Niacinamide 2%
  • Hydrocortisone 2.5% (for first 2 months only)

Nurture – for skin upkeep

  • Hydroquinone 6%
  • Vitamin C 1%
  • Niacinamide 2%

HQ Free – does not contain Hydroquinone

  • Azelaic Acid 20%
  • Kojic Acid 6%
  • Vitamin C 1%
  • Niacinamide 2%

M+ – for those stubborn dark spots.

  • Hydroquinone 12%
  • Tretinoin 0.05%
  • Kojic Acid 6%
  • Niacinamide 2%
  • Hydrocortisone 2.5% (for first 2 months only)

The Neck Cream (50ml)  

musely neck Cream

$86/2 months, in addition to a one-time $20 specialist visit. It treats aging, dark spots, wrinkles on your neck and chest. It is stuffed with skincare components to work perfectly on the female body. This cream comes in two varieties with shifting dynamic fixings:

Neck – for smoothing wrinkles

  • Tretinoin 0.25%
  • Niacinamide 2%
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1%

Chest – for removing dark spots

  • Tretinoin 0.01%
  • Hydroquinone 8%
  • Niacinamide 2%
  • Hyaluronic Acid 0.5%

Components in Face-Rx Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Creams 

  • Tretinoin – An original potency retinoid that grows your skin cells faster to make you look young and beautiful.
  • Niacinamide- This is a functioning type of nutrient B3 and has appeared to improve dark spots and wrinkles. It lessens hyperpigmentation, similar to age spots, and ceramide creation, which prompts more prominent hydration of your skin. It assists with lighting up the skin while hydrating skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – It lessens barely recognizable differences and wrinkles while holding moisture in the skin, delivering a plumping impact. At the point when your skin is secured and hydrated, it can expand skin cell creation. Thus it makes you look beautiful.
  • Octisalate – It gives protection from the destructive impacts of the sun’s UV beams.
  • Oxybenzone – It also gives protection against UV rays.
  • Avobenzone – It also has a similar effect and protects you from sunrays.
  • Octocrylene – It is used to prevent skin damage under the sun.
  • Hydroquinone – separates melanosomes in skin cells and reduces dull spots.
  • Azelaic Acid – this corrosive has antibacterial, cancer prevention proponents
  • Kojic Acid – It prevents skin irritation.
  • Vitamin C – This is a cancer prevention component that protects your glow and fights against bacteria and fungus infection. It protects your skin cells in various ways.
  • Hydrocortisone – It is used to calm symptoms of some complex issues, for example, redness, dryness, hypersensitive response/and so on.

Advantages of Face-Rx by Musely 

  • Decrease the wrinkles and age spots. It has several anti-aging components to deliver a quick satisfactory result.
  • Reduces the dark spot, dull spots, and skin irritation.  
  • Protects your skin from UV rays.
  • Above all, it improves your skin cells and gives a glowing skin in 2 months.

Our Opinion

Musely is your ultimate resource for everything skincare related products. When you are looking for an FDA certified solution to treat your skin, Musely offers women the best product.

Treatment with Face Rx creams is likely less expensive than going into a dermatology facility and getting physician-approved drugs. However, it might be marginally more costly than some other online dermatology centers.

We trust Face-Rx because they have widely recognized throughout the world and incredibly famous specialists and skincare experts so you can have a sense of safety, realizing you are getting the absolute best skincare treatment out there without giving up time, cash, or comfort.

Find Solution with Musely Face RX Creams 

Musely suggests you apply the cream two times per day. The spot cream ensures results within 2 months of application if you follow their advice and consultation. 

Musely provides good discounts if you are not happy with the outcomes on a condition when you use the E Nurse application. The specialist expenses are non-refundable, and the drugs cannot be returned. 

Nonetheless, it is advisable to carefully follow your dermatologist’s drugs and advice when undoing a treatment. 

Compared with other companies available online, Musely Face RX seems to be trustworthy and has many packages. Notwithstanding, it isn’t probably going to be a viable brand as the maker claims, and there is little proof as far as clinical examinations to demonstrate how well or how quickly it functions. 

Now, Face-Rx effectively steered their program in various states, pulling in numerous satisfied patients, and is currently prepared to democratize access and cost of the best dermatologists, drug specialists, and meds for the general population.  


If you are very introverted and hide from group photos or are too worried about your skin, Musely offers the best and affordable treatment in the market. 

Musely Face-Rx is currently accessible in practically each of the 50 states, and clients can join at or through the free Musely application. 

If you have doubts about this company’s credibility and expertise, then contact them and ask for their testimonials. They have a large base of satisfied customers. You can be one of them.

Get the best treatments of your sensitive skin from the Musely experts online from the comfort of your home.

Please Note

This is an honest review based on accessible data, statistics, and surveys on the internet. Our writers and reviewers have worked vigorously to get all the information and create this guide for you.   

Please remember, results may differ when you are pregnant, under serious treatment, have an ailment, or have heart diseases. Please consult with your doctor before talking about skincare treatments.

The data on this site is accumulated for general educational purposes only. It is not recommended to analyze, treat, and fix a consultation without thinking about your necessities and requirements.

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