A Complete Review of Olly Glowing Skin Gummies

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The beauty industry is not stagnant, it has an ever-changing dynamic. With time beauty standards keep changing, and we are not only talking about fashion but overall beauty standards. As the early 2000s to 2010s was the era of skinny body type, then came the era of curvy body type, and now due to ‘Korean fashion’ in trend looks like the skinny body type is coming back to the trend. 

Now, we see how even body type is a part of beauty statement and it also keeps changing, but there is one beauty standard that has been there forming eternity and that is clear and healthy skin. 

You can look back in time, no era had the fashion of dull and bumpy skin. And so is the case of today, everyone needs healthy and glowing skin and for their greater good, various products in the market can help them. There is everything, from a variety of face washes to creams. But very few products try to look inside the problem, the Olly glowing skin gummies take a step forward and try to find the solution to dull skin. 

Olly glowing skin gummies – the introduction

These skin gummies are a beauty product to be consumed. That said, these gummies try to supply enough nutrients to your skin or say works from the inside. This pretty much tries to eliminate the skin problems instead of covering them, yes the concept and the idea behind this is really good and unique. 

Skincare gummies are a type of beauty product that is not there very much used and widely accepted by the masses for some very valid reasons. Let us talk about them first 

  1. Health– consuming something without a piece of proper knowledge is something not every acceptable neither advisable. The same is the case with skincare gummies, anyone would hesitate to try something like that at once. 
  2. Not enough awareness – how many ads and videos do you see about skincare gummies? Chances are that you might have seen a few but compared to creams and facewashes and others, they are few. And also you won’t many beauty bloggers/vloggers talking about them a lot. 
  3. Doubt on its results – if we sum the other 2 points we will get this third point. There are not enough awareness and reviews to give the user a proper idea of whether to use the product or not. 

So, not to worry and we will give you a detailed and complete review of Olly’s glowing skin gummies so that you can make the right choice and come out of the dilemma every other buyer faces. 

Olly glowing skin gummies

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Olly glowing skin gummies – what are they made up of

The Olly glowing skin gummies have Hyaluronic acid, this is very much beneficial for retaining moisture in the skin from the inside. It also has collagen and sea buckthorn. 

Collagen is helpful for radiating skin with a natural glow. It helps your skin to stay strong and put together making it healthier. 

And sea buckthorn is famous for the nourishment of the skin. They have been used in a lot of skincare products lately. 

Apart from these it also contains sugar and carbohydrates and also other protein. 

How to use it – Olly glowing skin gummies

These gummies are meant to be consumed/ eaten, so no need to worry about how to apply and where to apply. Rather let us worry about how to consume them. 

They do not require to be swallowed or sucked with the help of water or any other liquid. You just need to take two of them and then try to chew them. It is very much like your normal gummies, no extra process needed. 

So, yes these Olly glowing skin gummies look very promising with their claims and basic concept. But are they that good or are they worth your money? Let us check that out. 

The good side of Olly glowing skin gummies

  1. Takes a healthy approach: One very good thing about this product is that it takes a very different turn to skin problems. Compared to other skincare products these are trying to give your skin some required nutrients, which is a very good thing about it.
  2. Quick to perform: Many people who have consumed it till now say that they have seen really quick results from it. Some said to started to show results from 1st month, while for others it was just the wait of 3 weeks.
  3. Keeps your skin hydrated: One of the best things we noticed in this was that the Olly glowing skin gummies keep your skin hydrated for very long. Apart from making skin glowing and bright, this does also makes your skin hydrated.
  4. No after taste: The gummies will not leave any sort of after taste in your mouth. The after taste can leads to vomiting so here it is taken care of that these gummies do not have any after taste.

So these were some good aspects of the Olly glowing skin gummies. But before we move to the bad aspects let us talk about some neutral aspects. 

The neutral aspect

This means that the point neither comes in the goods nor it is bad quality, users can have a mixed reaction on this. 

  1. The taste: The taste of these gummies is not very great neither bad. Yes, taste depends from person to person, so some of you might find it good while others are not that much. These are not the taste that anyone would enjoy but not the taste anyone would love either.
  2. The price: According to their official site, their price is something around $13 to $14. This is not very much even if we compare the quantity, which is 50 gummies per bottle. But the consumption would be 2 gummies per day meaning 25 days per bottle instead of 50. So going mathematically this deal is conflicting and the decisive factor here would be how the results are shown.

The bad side of Olly glowing skin gummies

  1. Depends on from person to person: It depends on the person as to how their body would react to these gummies so yeah it becomes difficult to tell if it is fit for you or not.
  2. Can be reactive if you have other problems: Always consult your doctor before consuming one if you are already having some kind of allergy or any other problems. If any kind of issue prevails contact your doctor immediately.


So, whether to use or not this depends on your condition. You can try them for 3 weeks, if you notice any change then these Olly glowing skin gummies are definitely for you. 

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