A Complete Guide To Laser Hair Removal

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As the word implies, laser hair removal is a procedure that removes unwanted hair when exposed to lasers that damage the hair follicles beneath the skin. It is one of the most technologically advanced cosmetic processes that has been available on a commercial level for more than three decades now. It is an excellent alternative to other hair removal methods which include shaving, pulling, or even waxing. Also, this procedure is dermatologically accepted. The general areas of laser hair removal include legs, upper lip, underarm, arm, and bikini area.

The content here not only guides you through the laser hair removal process at home, but it also informs you about the different types of laser hair removal devices, treatments, recommendations, and improvements.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Device Work?

According to Annie Chiu, cosmetic dermatologist certified by the General Council, and founder of the Los Angeles Derm Institute, Laser hair removal procedures emit light rays which pass through the skin to the hair follicles beneath. During operation, the light rays are converted to heat energy, and this heat energy permanently disables the hair follicles when exposed to it over time. Though it does not completely remove hair, the hair that grows afterward is generally finer and almost invisible.

Laser hair removal. Vector diagram

Laser hair removal is the dermatological procedure that uses the laser emission mechanism that generates an IPL beam. This light focuses on the skin and selectively destroys the hair follicle, a source of hair growth, at the same time, it does not destroy or burn the skin. Lasers target melanin; the substance that gives hair it’s distinct color in the follicle, and it easily absorbs light and damages the hair follicle around it. The FDA-approved lasers that are commonly used in this process include reversing systems, diodes, alexandrite, and IPL.

Thanks to the melanin detection mechanism, laser hair removal offers the best results for dark hair on light skin. Advances in laser hair removal technology have made it possible to manufacture new machines that can be applied to dark skin types. The laser hair removal device for gray, red, white and blonde hair is not yet recommended.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent or Temporary?

Is laser hair removal temporary or permanent

The hair follicle can be damaged to a certain degree. However, if you have undergone a laser hair removal procedure, you can rest assured that the hair will grow again in due time, though not with much intensity.

Although the laser beam can effectively destroy hair follicles and reduce hair growth, it does not ensure that the hair will be permanently wiped out. If the hair follicles regenerate naturally and the hair growth cycle is renewed, the hair may start to grow after a period of hair loss. Various hair removal and care procedures may be necessary to completely and permanently damage the hair follicles. Over time, the area can be treated again to remove the hair that grows back.

Whether your hair grows back depends on many factors, including your type of and the skills applied in removing the hair.

Many people find that the hair that regrows after the process is smoother and often invisible. This is because what the laser does it to damage the hair follicles, and makes it less viable to initiate hair growth. It may not destroy it.

And it is a common logic that when the hair follicles are damaged but not destroyed, they will certainly recover from the shock and in due time, the hair will regrow. It is almost practically impossible to destroy every hair follicle within the treated area, that is why those who treat usually notice some regrowth of hairs.

If the hair grows back, it can be treated again, so people who want to get rid of all the hair may need additional treatments.

In some instances, hair can be very light, very short, or it may resist treatment. In these situations, the affected person may choose other hair removal methods such as physically plucking off the wild hairs.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

benefits of laser hair removal

Using lasers, dermatologists can effectively and safely treat several areas of unwanted hair problems with fewer complications or side effects than other hair removal methods. The advantages of the laser hair removal procedure are:

  • Precision: the laser selectively targets the dark hair while keeping the skin around it damage-free.
  • Excellent Results: the laser hair removal method produces excellent results consistently. Studies show that About 90 percent of the people who undergo laser hair removal procedures experience hair loss permanently after three to five sessions of treatment.
  • Fast and Comfortable: a laser pulse lasting at least a second can damage large amounts of hair follicles. Smaller areas, such as upper lip treatment, can last for a couple of seconds, and the treatment of larger areas can last for about an hour.
  • Not Painful and Gentle: Laser hair removal does not cause discomfort and pain as opposed to plucking, waxing and other crude hair removal methods. And it is the best option when compared to the side effects of shaving, such as bumps, or blackheads.
  • Most importantly, laser hair removal is probably the only removal method that can offer a permanent result after several treatments.


Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal PREPARATION

The laser hair removal method is a medically approved procedure. Before doing this, the dermatologist can request your basic medical history and perform a physical examination to understand your body system to know what may come thereafter. Especially from the area where the unwanted hair will be removed. However, in a general case, the expert may advise you to observe the following:

  • Avoid using chemicals, electrolysis, drugs, or plucking of hair for about four weeks before the time of treatment; this is because these activities remove the hair roots such that the laser may become ineffective.
  • Avoid tanning as this reduces the effectiveness of the melanin concentration on the hair.
  • Do not use aromatic herbs or deodorants before and after treatment, until after some time; this is because these substances may cause some irritations.
  • Before treatment, do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or other herbal supplements to reduce the bleeding in case there are complications during the procedure.


The Possible Results

After the follicular procedure, there may be swelling or redness of the treated area. Sometimes, there could be some sort of pain or discomfort which may last for a short time. The creams with antiseptic properties and pain killers are often prescribed for such cases. Your doctor can advise you to protect the area from direct sunlight for about a week or two.

laser hair removal results

The effectiveness of the laser procedure varies depending on the region of the body on which the treatment was done. In areas where the skin is thin, such as the bikini or underarms offer excellent results. whereas in areas where the skin is tougher such as the chin or back, results may not be brilliant. Research has revealed a 25 percent hair growth reduction after the laser beam procedure. Hair regrowth after the treatment is usually soft and smooth. Your dermatologist also recommends four to eight weeks of repeated treatment for better and more permanent results.


What to Expect Before or During Laser Hair Removal Procedure

The process is simple. The dermatologist or the user will hold a laser device that emits laser beams over the skin. Depending on the type of laser, the liquid cooling tip or gel can protect the skin. When the laser device is on, the laser beam goes right through the skin directly into the hair follicle. Usually, the patient may feel no irritation or sensation while the laser device is active. Laser hair removal device is a great do-it-yourself product that is worth the money and time. If you have the skills, it saves the cost of consulting a dermatologist to help with the operation because you can easily remove your hair with the laser beam right in your bathroom.

At a time, this procedure could only be achieved in the office of a dermatologist. Recently, people can get a small device at an affordable price to undergo the procedure on their own.

But before you do away with your shaving sticks, there are a couple of noteworthy points to keep in mind.


Permanent Hair Removal

As stated, earlier lasers damage hair follicles but do not destroy them; this is because the growth of hair occurs in cycles. This means that the laser can only damage the hair follicles in an active hair growth circle. Therefore, it takes a couple of treatments to ensure that hair stops growing from the treated region and this can take up to five weeks of repeated treatment.

Yet, for some who experience active hair growth, regardless of how often they treat with laser, they may still require some treatment at least once a year to get rid of the stray hairs.

Laser hair removal process though affordable, to some extent, is very expensive. The price of hair removal devices or services can run into hundreds of dollars. Additionally, it takes several time-consuming sessions to destroy hair follicles. On a professional level, you may spend thousands of dollars to get a hair-free bikini.

In the meantime, you may buy a laser hair removal at a price range of about $400-$500, which seems like a good investment. But there is a lot of details to be considered, says Dr. Ward.


Does Hair and Skin Color Have Any Effect on Results?

As earlier noted, laser hair products work well for people with light skin and dark hair; the contrasting effects of the pigments allows the device to travel easily into the hair follicles to damage them.

Additionally, to eliminate the hair permanently, the technician must have the appropriate skill, and this may also take time.


Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal at Home

There are majorly two distinct types of laser hair removal devices at home. One uses a true laser beam while the other uses Intense Pulse Light or IPL. Though these devices are very safe to use at home, you still need to ensure that you follow the guidelines so that you don’t leave a scar on your skin all in the name of smooth skin.  

Laser hair removal at home has less power than the professional devices. While this may be good, with less power, the device becomes less effective.  

There Are More Downsides: For example, it may be difficult to cover a lot of regions such as an arm with a small at-home device. Additionally, the device may not be strong enough to ensure that you are completely hair-free regardless of the number of sessions. Though you may see reduced hair, it may not be the most brilliant result.


Who Should Use Laser Hair Removal at Home?

One of the main disadvantages of using laser hair removal at home is that the device does not work on a wide range of hair and skin. The device targets the pigmented hair and is most effective when the hair and skin have contrasting pigments; this means you may not have good results on dark skin.

Although home hair removal products use the best techniques and offer the best benefits, they don’t work effectively on dark skin types. Although the technology may be different or more efficient in its advancement, a certain number of skin-to-hair comparisons are still required to effectively get rid of hair. If you still need to remove hair on dark skin using the laser, you need to be careful as these skin types are more susceptible to injuries during a laser hair removal procedure.

Nevertheless, if you need to have your hair removed, professional lasers used by dermatologists are the best choice for you. These machines are more sophisticated than the regular at-home device and they work well on any skin type or hair type.


Safety tips for the use  of a laser hair removal device

If you have the right combination of hair and skin type, you can use at-home laser hair removal devices but it is necessary that use it rightly.

Do not use these devices:

  • Close to your eyes.
  • Over areas where you have tattoos.
  • In the genital region, however, you can target the bikini region carefully

When considering this, don’t forget that some devices have limited batteries that need to be replaced, also, remember that no matter how long you use them, you may never experience permanent hairlessness.

Nevertheless, this depends on whether or not you have the skill. But when done professionally, you can certainly have good value for your money.


The Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal in The United States

Many people have to deal with hair removal as part of their normal routine. Whether or not it’s shaving the legs, or getting a clean-shaven face, most people may readily spend a fortune to remove body hair throughout their lives.

However, In the United States, women spend more on this than men. A report released by the laser center in the USA shows that some American women spend over $10000 on hair removal products in their entire life.  

With these statistics, it is not surprising to see that most people are searching for more permanent hair removal alternatives, like laser hair removal devices. However, the question you should ask is: what is the cost of laser hair removal.

Although the initial cost of laser hair removal far exceeds the price of other hair removal options, the long-term benefits justify the cost, at least for most people. Below is a price chart for the average cost of laser hair removal in the United States.

Area of bodyMin-costMax-cost
Face and neck$600 $900
Bikini area$350$500
Lower legs$600$850


Why should you prefer laser hair removal at home rather than professional treatment at the clinic?

Laser hair removal procedure is not something you do on a “once-and-for-all-basis”, it requires certain procedures and treatments. Sometimes, it may take several sessions. Therefore, you have to be patient. If you go for a professional hair removal procedure, you need to have enough money. According to the society of plastic surgeons in America, the average cost of a professional laser hair removal procedure is estimated at $285/session. However, this cost increases with larger body parts. The bill may run into several thousands of dollars when you want to treat larger body parts. Additionally, there is no legal insurance that covers this service.

Laser hair removal at home offers freedom of comfort thanks to the same technology used by professionals. The device and systems are designed to offer you safe and effective hair treatments at an affordable price. The home devices use the same professional technology; however, they are designed for use by unqualified users at home.


Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Devices

MiSMON IPL hair removal Device for Men and Women

MiSMON IPL hair removal Device for Men and Women

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This is one of the best hair removal devices on the market, hence it comes top on this list. If you are the hairy type, you probably may have tried a lot of device or hair removal techniques without an appreciable result. However, this shiny golden device has the magic touch, and it is worth trying out. First of all, it is very affordable compared to other devices. Additionally, it has an LCD screen that displays the number of flashes the machine is producing so that you can keep things controlled. And this is good for the untrained user.


  • Certified by the FDA: MiMMON hair removal device has been duly approved by the FDA. FDA approval is the world’s highest standard for medical cosmetics.
  • Confirmed and effective evidence of hair removal and clinically proven: After three to four treatments, the effect of hair loss is noticed, but in most cases, this is often noticed after seven to eight treatments. studies show that 94% of the people who use it remain hair-free for longer periods. Better results come with high energy but for the sake of safety, it recommended that you start from the lowest energy, and increase it gradually as you get comfortable.
  • It features an LCD screen on which the user can see the amount of flashes emitting. Additionally, it has an energy level of between 1-5.
  • It can be used in a wide range of areas: This hair removal device is suitable for various body parts such as legs, forehead hairline, underarms, chin, arm, bikini line, buttocks, etc.
  • It features the most convenient sale: This device comes with a whopping one-year warranty. Additionally, customers can return the product within three months of purchase. Before you use the device, ensure you read the instructions carefully to understand how to apply.


TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X For Both Men and Women

Interestingly, Dr. Zeichner is a big fan of this brand. This hair removal device can be used on both light and dark hair. However, it does not work on grey hair, said Dr. Zeichner. Unlike other devices that utilize a broad spectrum of rays to eliminate hair, this device utilizes a true laser beam to achieve the same results more efficiently.

TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X For Both Men and Women

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Furthermore, Dr. Sobel also recommends this device. This device offers more than three times more hair eliminating energy than the regular at-home hair removal devices. And according to Dr. Sobel, it is one of the most powerful hair removal devices out there in the market. It targets the hair follicles and disables them to give a more permanent result. It is gentle enough for people to get rid of the unwanted outgrowth of hairs on the face. However, it is only intended for light brown or black hair. It is more difficult for red, blond, grey or white to absorb enough laser beam from this device, therefore, results from this hair type may not be appreciable.

To achieve the most effective result from this device, it is recommended that you apply the treatment at least every two weeks until you achieve your desired results. Nevertheless, you must ensure you talk to your dermatologist because beam-powered hair removal devices are not suitable for everyone.


  • More Power: The laser device certainly provides more than three times more energy than any other hair removal devices at home. This means that each hair follicle that falls within the area being treated is exposed to three times more power than the regular devices or even the IPL-powered devices.
  • Easy to Use: All hair removal devices from the Tria brand are powered by a reachable internal battery, whereas some brands may require cables when in use. Trias wireless devices expand the range of areas where you can use them and provide a more pleasant and convenient experience.
  • Safe for The Eyes: Trias lasers are not only safe and efficient for the different areas of the body, but the light output is not as intense as the bright light from the IPL device.
  • Better Control and Increased Precision: Tria laser devices offer more precise control in all regions being treated. It targets every individual hair follicle regardless of depth. Additionally, it is more concentrated than regular devices.


Philips Lumea SC199800 IPL Hair Removal Product

 The Philips hair removal device is considered to be one of the best according to some top leading beauticians and dermatologists. When it comes to the removal of hair on the face, body, and bikini, this Philips product is one of the excellent machines you can trust. Additionally, it has a 90% positive rating on Amazon. With the Salon technology in this device, you will certainly remain hairless for a long time. And with repeated use, results will become permanent over time.

Philips Lumea SC199800 IPL Hair Removal Product

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Designed for safe and efficient use at home, Philips Lumea utilizes innovative technology based on intense pulsed light called (IPL), the same technology used by the professionals. Philips has made this technology safe and effective even for the untrained user at home. Philips teamed up with renowned dermatologists to develop this innovative and breathtaking hair removal device. Philips Lumea is suitable for a variety of hair and skin types and is effective for dark (natural) blonde, black or brown hair type. Like any other hair removal procedure with a light beam, Philips Lumea does not work on red, grey or white hair.


  • It offers up to 8 weeks of hair-free skin after the first 5 treatments.
  • Lumea utilizes advanced IPL salon technology which is suitable for home use by the untrained user.
  • Lumea is safe and easy to use and has been built in collaboration with beauty specialists and dermatologists.
  • Cable: It comes with a cable which you can plug into the mains socket to power it up.


Remington Ultra iLight IPL Hair Removal for Home Use

The best thing about this device is that it can be used both on the body and on the face, says Dr. Ingleton. Be careful with this device when using it on your face, it should not be taken close to the eyes. When the eye is exposed directly to IPL and laser, it can cause trauma of the eyes and sometimes, it may lead to blindness.

Remington Ultra iLight IPL Hair Removal for Home Use

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It is crucial to understand that the IPL and laser devices cannot be used effectively on blonde, grey or other light hair colors.

Who can Use this iLIGHT Hair Removal Device?

  • This device is built to effectively remove unwanted hair
  • The iLight hair removal device has been clinically tested to effectively eliminate hair easily and comfortably at home. It can be used to remove facial hair such as those of the sideburns, chin, cheeks, neck region and the upper lip areas. Users should avoid using this device anywhere around the eyes.
  • This iLight device is ideal for people who have dark hair color on light skin. It does not work effectively on lighter hair like grey, white or blonde hair.
  • If you have tattoos, do not use this Remington Ultra iLIGHT device on areas of the tattoos. It is not suitable for dark skin. Additionally, do not use on dark spots on the skin as this may cause some irritations and discomfort.
  • The iLight system is ideal for medium to dark hair and does not work on such hair type like gray and white hair. Additionally, it is less effective on light, blond or red hair.
  • You can find a full list of the user guidelines and warnings in the manual.



  • Permanent results with over 94 percent of hair elimination rate within 3 treatments: Unlike other hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving, this iLIGHT device provides more permanent results by completely disabling the growth of hair.
  • Almost twice the results of other devices with fewer treatments: REMINGTON iLIGHT devices offer an average hair removal rate of 66% within one year after only three treatments. This is about twice the results of the regular at-home hair removal system.
  • Similar to The Professional Model: This hair removal device uses the Proprietary ProPulse Technology; this is the same technology used by dermatologists, beauticians and other cosmetics professionals. Additionally, it ensures permanent results at an affordable cost.


Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal System

Silk’n Infinity hair removal equipment uses technology that involves the use of light pulses to suppress the growth of unwanted hair without stems, redness, ingrown hairs or other things that might cause irritations. This simple and painless home hair removal device can be used for all skin. It can also be used on the face, legs, hand, bikini line, and upper lips, making the skin beautiful, infinitely soft and silky. Thanks to the rapid light pulses that repeatedly works on the hair follicles to disable them.

Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal System

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Silk’n is one of the fastest and most effective systems that work to permanently eliminate hair. Silk’n was designed to make your skin hairless for longer periods. This means that using this device regularly as directed by the expert can lead to fewer and fewer hair growth until the hair stops growing completely, to give you a hairless skin permanently.

This device is efficient and safe for both men and women.

Infinity is safe and effective for women and men. It can be used on the face without complications. Additionally, it can be used on legs, arms, bikini line and the underarm. You can also use this device on any other part of the body where you want to eliminate hair.

This device is said to provide full-body treatment in 20 minutes or less to reduce hair growth and prevent hair from totally growing overtime. The built-in sensor tests the compatibility of the skin to ensure that the correct light pulse is radiated. There is also a specific application that you can connect via Bluetooth. With this, you can create a detailed treatment plan. Also, the App allows you to see the number of radiations. It has a seamless design which allows you to easily reach all the difficult areas.


  • Power: It is usually connected to the mains
  • It features skin type sensors, five-level intensities
  • It has a mobile app with which you can create a treatment plan
  • Flashes: It features about 400,000 flashes


What to Consider Before You Buy A Laser Hair Removal Device at Home

Laser hair removal at home can be a wonderful solution to your hair problems. However, there are a couple of things to consider before you buy a home laser hair removal device. Below are some things to know before you buy.

  • The Price of The Device

Laser hair removal is not cheap to some extent. This device can cost hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, it may run into thousands of dollars. However, this price depends on the quality you want, and how much you are willing to invest. You would notice that those devices that are more expensive have more positive reviews based on overall performance.

  • Hair and Skin Color

Hair removal lasers for home emit light rays through your skin, these devices mostly act on dark hair and prevents the outgrowth of new hair. It’s good if you have dark hair, however, most people don’t. At-home laser hair removal devices are not effective on colored hair such as white, grey or blonde.

However, you may find some specific hair removal devices that are built to specifically focus on colored hair. Additionally, these may work on a wide range of skin types. Most devices out there are not suitable for dark skin, though there are some exceptional devices.

  • Pain factor

One of the things to keep in mind is that the whole cause of hair removal is always accompanied by some degree of pain. Each pulse of light sent through the skin gives a painful sensation like a sting. This pain may be likened to a situation where someone repeatedly snaps a rubber band on your skin. You may need to decide whether or not you can take such kind of pain for about 40 minutes per session of the hair removal procedure.

  • Eyecare

Eye protection is critical in any laser hair removal procedure; this is because light rays are being emitted and this may affect the eyes adversely. According to the National Institutes of Health, light rays can damage the eyes. Some of these devices have a clear condition that they should not be applied to the face. This condition may strike some devices off the list when you want to get rid of your sideburns or mustache that keeps popping up.

If you are concerned about the effects of light rays on your eyes, a facial epilator can be a great alternative.

  • Time Factor

The results are not immediate. All of these laser hair removal devices take time to get the best results. Treating the hair with a laser beam means you have to slowly and carefully pass the device across every inch within the region you require to be hair-free. Most Hair removal devices claim to achieve permanent results within six weeks of about three treatments. Yet, others claim that permanent results may be achieved within months of several treatments.

Almost all laser hair treatment devices suggest continued maintenance to ensure a completely hair-free skin in the future.

During a series of treatments, you may notice some outgrowth of hair. You may also have ingrown hair which may cause irritations and create a bumpy awful sight on your skin. To prevent this, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin as often as possible. Additionally, you can purchase some creams specifically formulated to stop hair growth during your series of hair removal treatments.


How to Use laser hair removal Devices

Do you want to remove hair with at-home laser hair removal devices but don’t know how? Don’t worry, just stay on this page. We will provide you with the step-by-step process on how to use a laser hair removal device at home.

Tired of shaving, skimming, and growing and you are prepared for hair-free skin? You certainly want to start living a hair-free life. Maybe you have tried several hair removal devices and nothing worked. It could be that you did not do it right. This content provides complete instructions and information on how to do this.

Continue reading to get the full details below.

Step 1: Shave the region you want to treat

First, you must shave the area of the skin you want to apply the treatment. Additionally, you must ensure that this area is free from any wounds or sore. This is because, the laser beam may elicit some irritation on the affected area, and this can be very uncomfortable for you

Step 2: Find the Right Fixture

The machine comes with a different attachment to different areas of the body. Therefore, you must fix it in the right one before you begin. For example, if you want to remove the hair on your leg, you must fix the attachment built for the leg. Additionally, they all come labeled for easy identification.  

Step 3: Set the Device at The Desired Level

All hair removal devices are not the same, therefore, this step may not apply to some. For example, some lasers are manually adjusted whereas others adjust the intensity as soon as they touch your skin. The latter has an automatic skin sensor. However, to use both effectively, you must consult the user manual to know the type of machine. Please note that for the automatic machines, you need to keep it a couple of inches from your skin. This will allow the sensor to scan the skin and select the appropriate level of intensity for you. Once this is done you need to push a button to confirm your selection.

On the other hand, if you have the manually adjustable device, you need to first locate the skin sensor and manually adjust the levels to what you want. If you are using a hair removal device for the first time, you may want to start from the lowest level of intensity and then you can progress to high levels as you get more comfortable with the device.

Step 4: First Carry Out A Test

For safety measures, you may want to first carry out a test with a new machine; this can be done by using it on a small area of the skin to test the level of comfort it provides. If you find it comfortable, you can safely spread the beam across to every area you want to treat. Another reason you may want to carry out this test is that all devices are not the same, some may not work as you may have imagined. For example, some of them may cause more skin irritation than others.

Step 5: Rock

Once you are comfortable with a device, you can rock it with confidence by moving it all along the area you want to treat. While some devices may either be automatic or manual, some have both settings. For example, some devices allow the user to choose whether to use the automatic function or the manual function. However, this depends on what you want. Continue using until you achieve the best results.


Does Laser Hair Removal at Home Hurt?

does laser hair removal hurt

I am sure the possible pain that accompanies laser hair removal is of most concern to you. However, as earlier stated in a previous paragraph, removing your hair through a laser beam or light rays’ hurts. Notwithstanding, it does not hurt as much as you may have thought of it. Apart from the stinging sensation, you will feel, you may also feel some sort of heat on your skin surface.

Generally, you will be uncomfortable especially when you are treating such sensitive areas of the skin like the upper lip or along the bikini line. nevertheless, this pain and discomfort only last as long as the machine works on your skin. The moment the treatment is over and your hair falls off all the pain and the discomfort will disappear.


Do’s and don’ts of the Hair Removal system


You may want to shave as you treat

One of the best ways to get rid of hair without irritating the roots which may result in bumps is to shave as you treat. On the other hand, you may want to first shave the region you want to treat before you begin; this will allow you to see the tiniest strand of hair left on the area.

Avoid Contact with The Sun

If your skin is pale, this will make laser work easier, reduce the power consumption of the laser and prevent too much energy from reaching the hair roots, such that the smallest energy will have a great effect. Lasers are generally suitable for fair skin.

Use A High Sun Protection Factor

Many skin types are more sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. A high sun protection factor should always be used to protect against hyperpigmentation or sun sensitivity.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating will get rid of the dead hair roots after the hair removal procedure and this will leave your skin smooth without any bumps or irritations.


Do Not Wear Solid Makeup for The Next 24 Hours After Treatment

Avoid excessive makeup for 24 hours after laser treatment to prevent skin clogs. Notwithstanding, there is a situation when the makeup will become necessary, under such conditions or situations, it is recommended that you apply the mineral types of makeup to give the skin some breathing space.

Do Not Wax Your Hair While Doing A Laser Treatment

Waxing removes the root of the hair, and this is not good for the laser device because lasers work efficiently focusing on the hair roots to disable them. therefore, when the hair roots have been removed, there will be nothing to work on. What this means is that you may have to wait for a month or two to allow the formation of new har roots before you can use the laser to disable them.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Whatever the method of hair removal we choose, one thing remains constant a lot of people have tried to live a hair-free life. Shaving and other crude methods such as plucking may be cheap ways but they don’t provide long-lasting results; this is why so many people have chosen hair removal machines as a better alternative.

Photothermolysis is the process through which a laser beam is used to get rid of body hair; this is process produces a certain amount of heat which is absorbed by the melanin under the hair roots, and this damages the hair follicles. When the hair follicles are damaged, it hampers the growth of the hair in the future. Higher amounts of pigments increase the rate of light absorption and this consequently increases the efficiency of the device; this is why those with grey hair or white hair find it hard to get good results from laser hair treatment. Their hair simply has too little melanin for the device to work.

As hair grows at different cycles or stages, different laser treatments are required. On average, four to eight treatments are required for full hair removal, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Although laser hair removal is a permanent alternative, this cannot be guaranteed, you may need to apply more treatment once in a while.

The risk involved in laser hair removal is based on the possible adverse effect that can occur if the skin around the follicles absorbs the light beam. The most common symptoms after treatment can be skin irritation such as swelling, redness, and discomfort. Sometime, the device may change the color of the skin and in some cases, injuries may occur; though this is rare. Melanin absorbs the laser beam and as mentioned earlier, the more melanin the higher the rate of laser absorption. Hence, dark skin stands at the highest risk of damage. However, there have been advances in this aspect of technology. New devices are being produced to work effectively on dark skins, and this is good news for most people. 

No matter which hair removal method you choose, ensure it is safe and comfortable, fits your skin type and is at the best price you can afford. Because of the possible risks involved you may want to select a highly trained professional in a prominent location in case you going for a professional laser hair removal. If you have had problems in the past with a laser hair removal or you have concerns about a possible adverse effect, you can talk to the technician about this so that he or she can apply the right adjustment. Although there are many salons or spas where hair removal treatment can be done at an affordable price, you need to be careful when choosing your destination. Laser hair removal therapy can go wrong if not done with care.

Read below for more information on the risks or side effects of the laser hair removal device.


Side effects of laser hair removal

When you think about it, it is rare for people to talk about the adverse effects of the laser hair removal method. Perhaps they do not want to stop other people from using the machines. Users are rarely affected negatively. But that doesn’t mean the negative effects should be overlooked, and it’s good to know the possible side effects so that when they eventually appear, they will not be so strange to you. Below Are the Possible Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal.

Irritations or Redness of The Skin

Laser hair removal procedure causes damage to the targeted hair follicle. The body may react to this change and this may cause some sort of irritation or redness. The skin around the treated area may swell up a bit; this swelling may go down after a couple of hours.

Note that this reaction does not last for long, it is just the way the skin responds to such changes. It usually disappears within a short while.


In some cases, the skin peels off. Though this is a minor issue, it can cause some sort of inconvenience. Additionally, if you don’t take care of it properly, it may lead to scarring. To avoid these reactions, it is important to take care of the area as soon as the treatment is over, you may want to use sanitizers.

Skin Discoloration

Small color changes in the treated skin area can be identified. Depending on the type of skin or how sensitive it is, it can be a little darker or lighter during hair removal.

People with light skin may also have darker pigmentation, and people with dark skin can experience a lighter pigmentation. Don’t be afraid of these changes as they will go away over time and the skin will return to normal.

Risk of Skin Infection

As with any hair removal method that damages the hair follicles, skin infections usually occur when the area is left untreated after the procedure. Therefore, you must take care of the area until the signs of infection disappear completely. You may also consult your dermatologist for any sign you do not understand.

Some negative effects may only occur when you do not follow the instructions in the user guide. One of the unusual negative effects of the laser hair removal method is blister and sometimes, burns may occur. These effects only occur when you do not carry out the procedure properly. These effects are usually with the DIY method. But if you don’t want to stand the risk of any burns or blisters, you may hire the services of a professional dermatologist.  


Laser Hair Removal Experiences and Reviews by 5 Women

When shaving takes time, it hurts, and epilators torture the skin. Laser hair removal, which uses laser rays to target and damage hair follicles thereby preventing hair growth in the future feels like the best option.

Once seen as a luxury, which could be afforded only by the rich, this hair treatment method has been made popular by both its affordability and the celebrities who use it, including Cardi B, Kim Kardashian and many others who attest to the brilliance of these hair removal devices. However, the procedure may lead to permanent results to some degree. Additionally, some of the people who undergo this procedure have ended up regretting their decision this is particularly because of the shift in the conversation of body hair in recent times.

Read Below to Learn About the Experiences of Five Women Who Went Through Laser Removal Procedure:

Amy Divine

 She is a 26-year-old Internet dominatrix. Amy found that laser removal of her entire body hair was appropriate because she regularly received Brazilian wax and shaved her underarms and legs. But during a bikini treatment, Divine began to wonder what she was doing after she thought of al the hair she was eliminating. “I had problems with the amount of hair I removed, but it was a little late now,” she says. “I had started this about five years ago when I graduated from college.”

Right now, Amy regrets the entire procedure. “I miss my Brazilian hair so much. It’s a shame. I wish I had only targeted my bikini line,” she says. “At the time, I didn’t know how much I had lost. Public hairstyle preferences depend entirely on the individual, but it’s a shame” I wish I had waited and thought things through before deciding.


Edith Outlier

“I was lucky to have thick, dark hair, “says Edith Outlier. She is a 42-year-old sex worker on the Internet.” “my legs and forearms have more hair than many men could ever boast of having.” “And I started plucking off my eyebrow from the age of 12, just to keep it reduced.”

For Edith, she got overwhelmed with constant shaving, plucking, and waxing. And in 2011, she decided to go for laser hair removal as soon as the price became more affordable. “It was liberating,” says Edith who had laser removal of the hair on her legs, underarm, hands, upper lip, and even her bikini hair. “It’s amazing how long I have spent constantly taking care of my hair, and right now I don’t have to bother about hair again.” “It’s the best thing I can do,” she added.


Celeste Mejia

Shaving is something that did not work for this nurse and musician. “It is always causing some unsightly bumps on my skin, which creates dark spots and takes a long time,” she says.

So, she decided to use the laser method to remove the hair from the abdomen, back, lower back and her bikini region, which she considered a release. “I am glad that I can now wear any dress without having to worry about the hair on my underarms or any discoloration or bumps,” she says. “Now I am more confident about my outfit. 



She went through the laser hair removal procedure to eliminate the hair on her underarms at 16; this was after her mother had advised her and her sisters to do so. But right now, after ten years, she deeply regrets going through the procedure. However, this regret stems from the fact that she has now realized the public opinion on hairiness or hairlessness. “Lack of hair is one the beauty standards that have been promulgated and promoted by men,” she says. 

Now, after a big cultural shift in the dynamics of body hair, she wishes she had understood better. “Today, when I see a lot of women who are very confident about their body hair, I feel helpless,” she says. “I have made a lot of changes on the body, but I know I did not do this one for myself, I wish I could turn back the hands of time but I can’t.”


Christine Jae

 This 26-year-old entrepreneur got tired of constantly waxing and pulling the hair on her neck and chin, and then she decided to get them permanently removed through a laser beam. She is now done with this procedure and she is glad because she knows it was a good decision. “I am so glad that right now I have eliminated something that has disturbed me for so long,” she says. “This is something that made me feel bad about my physical appearance and now I am happy to see it gone.” 

For Christine, it was a thing of beauty to have successfully removed her hair permanently because it reduced her confidence about her body.


Tips to Stay Safe During and After Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Use Goggles to Protect Your Eyes

Dr. Robinson says that eye protection is important for reducing the effect of a laser beam on the eyes, just as it is crucial for any process that involves heat or light. If you are having your laser hair removal done by a doctor or a technician, you both should protect your eyes from damage with the use of goggles. 


Another source of concern is being exposed to the laser smoke or some particles that can be released during the process. Dr. Sobel says the greatest of these problems affect the doctors or the technicians who perform the laser hair removal process because they are often exposed to these particles. The particles may be microscopic such that you may breathe them in unknowingly. These particles can cause irritations when they get to your respiratory tract. Any doctor or technician doing the hair removal process should always wear a face mask to minimize the effects. 

Don’t worry if you notice redness, Bumps or swelling after the procedure; this is normal and usually lasts up to 24 hours or less. You can go back to your daily routine immediately after the procedure. 

The spotlight may occur after the procedure, but this is normal. Exercise and other strenuous activities that can make you sweat must be avoided at least within the first two days after the procedure. Fireplaces, swimming pools, skin exfoliating products should be avoided during or immediately after your laser hair removal sessions. 


Laser hair removal procedures can effectively reduce a person’s body hair. For most people, it takes a little longer time for the hair to grow back. Whereas for some, the hair never grows back again. 


Even if the hair eventually grows back, there is less hair overall, which results in soft hair. To understand fully the nitty-gritty behind laser hair removal, you should consult your dermatologist or your laser hair removal professional. 



Laser hair removal has a huge initial cost. Therefore, before you begin any hair removal procedure, you should first consider the cost. 

If you are interested in a professional treatment, you may spend hundreds of dollars per session and a couple of thousands for the whole process. However, because there are several sessions per treatment which may be spread across 5 weeks or more, you may not have to pay for everything at once. 

When you consider the cost of hair removal through other crude methods throughout your lifetime, laser removal is an excellent option. The crude methods are usually very cheap, but they leave you with undesired results. The laser hair removal method, on the other hand, maybe expensive, but it offers the most excellent and long-lasting results, for which you can be happy and proud that you have spent money on something worthwhile. 


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