Best Ways To Use A Pumice Stone For Various Purposes

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pumice stone
Pumice stone is a type of stone that is formed when lava cools down super quickly – and that happens when it meets water. When lava cools at such a swift rate, the result is a very porous foamy-looking stone that can exfoliate well. In this article, you’ll find some of the best ways of using pumice stone whether you’re using it for beauty purposes or other reasons.

Beauty Uses of Pumice Stone

So now you know what a pumice stone is and how it is made. You may or may not have used one before you’ve completed reading this article, but by now you probably know this stone is very well known for its exfoliating properties and is highly recommended and used in beauty benefits. Read on to know more about this amazing porous stone and how you can use this stone for taking care of your skin better.

Removing Callous

Pumice stone has been used for removing callous on the feet for a long time now. Being a natural exfoliator, a pumice stone can help remove callous and keep your feet off those dead and dry skin cells. It can gently remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. for using a pumice stone to remove callous from your feet, you should first dip your feet in warm water (all the better if you add some vinegar and baking soda) and give it a nice cleansing. When your feet are clean and wet from the dipping and pedicure, it will be easier for the skin to get exfoliated, and hence the pumice stone will work better. Make sure you dip the pumice stone in warm water as well before you use it to exfoliate your skin. Wetting the pumice stone will allow it to slide through your skin better and not feel too rough. Use a wet pumice stone on your feet and rub in circular motions, gently, to remove the callous from your feet.

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Callous removal is not the only exfoliation you can do with pumice skin. With the texture and properties that pumice stone has, you can exfoliate practically any part of your body using this awesome product. Just like with callous removal from feet, if you want to exfoliate your skin you must get it wet first. If you’re using a pumice stone on your body, make sure you’re all clean and soaked in water for the pumice stone to work more efficiently. Rub a wet pumice stone in circular motions on your body or face wherever you want to use it to exfoliate, but make sure you don’t rub too hard. Especially on your face, you would want to avoid rubbing too hard because the skin on the face is way thinner and more sensitive than it is on other parts of the body. Rubbing too hard can cause tears and bleeding of the skin follicles and may even lead to infection. So always remain careful with how you’re using this stone on your face, but you can be a little more relaxed when it comes to using it on other parts of the body.

Hair Removal

Okay now, this might seem like a strange one, but pumice stone has been quite popular even among the ancient Greeks, who used it to remove body hair. Some people still use a pumice stone for removing body hair – maybe you could give it a try as well. For the pumice stone to work as a gentle hair remover, you must first soak your skin in the bath or perhaps take a nice warm shower to keep your skin soft before using the pumice skin on it. Get the pumice stone wet, and then rub it on your skin in circular motions gently. Do this for at least 30 seconds on your focus area and then you shall see the hair on that area is gone. The effect of pumice stone hair removal is pretty similar to shaving, not epilating or waxing. Just make sure you aren’t pressing this stone on your skin too hard.

Other Uses of Pumice Stone

Apart from the amazing beauty benefits of pumice stone on the skin and for the exfoliating body, there are tons of other uses for this precious light porous stone. Some of the common usages of pumice stone apart from using it for beauty benefits are mentioned as follows.

Remove Pills

You can easily remove pills from your woolen sweaters and cardigans. Normally people use a razor for this purpose, but it can sometimes cut through the precious material and leave a hole where – no one wants that! You can use pumice stone instead since it won’t cut through the fabric but also effectively remove pills from the sweater or cardigan. You can get creative with it – try removing pet hair with this stone, it works too!

Clean your Household Things with it

Pumice stone and its composition as a porous material are great for even cleaning your toilet. It can be used to remove copper rings from inside the toilet and you can keep your household stuff clean with it as well. Make sure you’re wearing non-porous gloves before you start cleaning your house and toilet with this. Get creative – you can try cleaning your oven with it too!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Pumice stone has millions of tiny little pores throughout because of how it is formed. These tiny holes can hold in moisture and therefore can also be used as an essential oil diffuser. Pouring essential oil on a pumice stone will make the pores hold the oil and diffuse it slowly into the air.

Care for the Stone

Make sure you care for the stone as you care for your skin with the stone too – this little thing also needs some pampering. Scrub it clean after use because it is porous and might hold in some of those dead cells it just took away from your skin. You could also try boiling it one in a while to ensure it doesn’t contain bacteria anymore. Allow the pumice stone to be completely dry before the next use so it doesn’t build up bacteria within itself.


As cool as it looks, this stone is extremely useful for several reasons. Not only for exfoliating your skin or getting rid of those annoying callouses on your feet, but you can also get creative with it and experiment, explore different ways of using it. But be careful of how you use it – if you don’t use them correctly, the results might come out as adverse. So, make sure you do your homework before investing in this.

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