Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

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Even though you are taking good care of your vagina, you will get an unfamiliar odor. Here the best ways to get rid of vaginal odor.

Vagina has a natural odor and it would be different for every woman. The vagina can clean by itself and maintains a healthy pH by giving a normal scent. If you have a menstrual cycle then you may experience a metallic odor. But what if you experience an unfamiliar strong odor, then you need to take a look at it. Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of vaginal odor.

Top 10 ways to get rid of vagina odor

Follow Good Hygiene

You can wipe the vaginal area with a soft gentle cloth that will help to wash the dead skin, sweat, and any dirt. If you are using soap or bath liquid then it is recommendable to use on the outer side. Don’t use soaps frequently on the vaginal area as it may disturb the pH balance of the vagina and results in causing unfamiliar smell along with itching in the vaginal.

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Also, following some hygiene practices will help you to get rid of vaginal odor such as urinating after intercourse, taking shower after sweating as it will increase the odor, and using a washcloth in between the showers to wipe the area.

Use Exterior Products

If you are using any kind of perfumes or sprays, use it on the outer side of the vagina as using it inside may cause serious infections and bad odor. As the vagina is acidic so it may react to the chemical products.

But during menstruation time, the vagina smells of ammonia or iron. And there are certain fragrances available so you can use that outside during menstruation. It will help to get rid of the odor.

Consume Probiotics

Consuming probiotics rich foods helps to grow the good bacteria inside the body and also in the vagina. It will control the yeast infection and also helps to get rid of the vaginal odor by balancing the pH of the vagina. You can consume probiotics in the form of foods or certain supplements which are rich in probiotics can also consume.

Change your Underwear

It would be better to prefer cotton underwear than satin or polyester panties. Because cotton is a comfortable cloth and it can be breathable. So during sweating, it will take the sweat and fluids from the body by doing an excellent job. Also, it would be the best choice to prefer cotton as it will circulate air inside the vaginal area.

Leaving moisture on the vagina will increase the bacterial growth and it will lead to an unfamiliar odor. Also, try to change the underwear often as wearing the same underwear may also cause some bad odor.

Stay Hydrate

Staying hydrated throughout the day is also an important factor as it will maintain the proper fluid throughout the body. So it will flush out the toxins and harmful bacteria from the body and also it will help to minimize the infections that are causing the odor.

Women should drink a lot of water and also you need to keep your body hydrated as it will inhibit the growth of bacteria which is causing some unfamiliar odor. It will cure the infections and other factors that are causing the odor, and also results in a less pronounce vaginal odor.

Follow Safe Sex

Even some people will experience an odor after they had sex, and the odor will be strong and fishy. This is a sign of bacterial infection and also some smells distinct. During sex, the semen will be interacting with the vaginal fluids so it will cause odor. And sometimes if the vagina reacts with the lubricant it will also cause odor.

So following the below-mentioned things can prevent vaginal odor.

  • Rinse your vagina with water after having sex
  • Use a condom that will stop the interaction between semen and vaginal fluid
  • Avoid using scented lubricants

Even sexually transmitted diseases will also cause some vaginal odor and use proper protection while having sex.

Use Essential Oils

Tea tree oil has both antifungal and antimicrobial properties so it will help to reduce the vagina odor. In water, you can add two to three drops of tea tree oil and apply it to the outer surface. You can follow this for two to three days a week to reduce the odor.
Essential has the power to reduce the odor but it should not apply directly on the vaginal area it should be diluted with the water.

Take Vinegar Bath

If you are taking frequent baths and showers it will disturb the pH balance of the vaginal area and cause the odor. So you can take a vinegar bath by adding 2 to 3 cups of vinegar in a bathtub of water and leave it for 30 minutes. It will reduce the odor-causing bacteria and for effective results, you can use apple cider vinegar.

Eat Right

Even improper diet can also lead to odor in the vaginal area. To minimize the amount of taking of carbohydrates, sugar drinks, and caffeine which will lead to yeast infection and cause odor. Add yogurt to your daily diet which is good for vaginal health.

Keep your Vagina Dry

Don’t leave your vaginal area wet as it may cause infection and also results in bad odor. So after every wash, wipe it with a gentle cloth and also wipe from the front to back while cleaning the vaginal area as it will clean the germs.

Bottom Line

Following these ways continuously may help you to get rid of the vagina odor instantly and also provides effective results. Vagina odor is a common thing so you don’t use any perfumes or chemical ointment that will result in itching or irritation. Maintaining vaginal health will help you solve any kind of odors and infections.

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