Vaginal Detox: All You Should Know About Yoni Pearls

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Yoni Pearls for Vaginal Detox
We all understand what the vagina goes through, right? From menstruation, intercourse, to delivery, among others. Don’t forget about hormonal changes and pelvic floor problems. But there’s something claimed to be cleansing for the vagina, the yoni pearls. It’s said to help ease problems relating to vaginal issues in ladies. For example, cramping when having menses, bloating and others. The practice has grown popular, and it’s now the trend for women and girls. Find out more about vaginal detox and yoni pearls in this blog.

What is a yoni pearl?

Most marketers advertise yoni pearls as a detox or cleanse for the vagina. They’re numerous herb components packed in pearls or gems. Ladies use them for inserting in the vagina. The yoni pearl stays inside for over a day before it’s said to have done its work. Yoni pearl sellers claim to treat a wide range of vaginal concerns, including toxicity developed after menstruation, yeast infections, cysts, fibroids, past sexual partners, and bacterial vaginosis. However, no science backs up all these. Its main ingredients include;

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  • Motherwort– Assists in regulating menses and toxins removal.
  • Rhizoma smilacis– Features inflammatory properties that alleviate pain and remove toxins. Also used in gonorrhea treatment.
  • Osthole– Popular for boosting sex libido, smoothen the skin and improve fertility. It also fights infections.
  • Kochia scoparia– Eases urinating challenges and itching. It contains anti-fungal effects.
  • Stemona sessilifolia– Kills parasites while regulating blood flow in the body. Relaxes a tensed uterine wall.
  • Angelica– Known for menopause treatment and cramps. It also eliminates hot flashes.
  • Borneol– Herbal substance for alleviating hot flashes and pain.

How to insert yoni pearl?

  • Start by cleaning your hands before getting the yoni pearl from its package. Remove the strings, then tie a knot near the pearl to remove easily.
  • Lie facing up and bend your knees to the chest. Use your middle finger for deeply pushing the detox to the vagina.
  • Let it remain in the vagina for one or two days and put on a pantyliner to collect the discharge during that time.
  • When the time elapses, wait for another 24 hours before getting in another yoni pearl. Repeat the same steps to insert. You can have a yoni steam assist for more toxins removal and cleaning.

Later, when you get done with the detox process, gently remove the pearls from your vagina and rinse with clean water. You may be hurried to get rid of the discharge by using your finger. Please be careful not to hurt yourself. It’s best if you exercised patience until two or three days for it to come out naturally. In case of irritation, shower or use organic tea in water for cleaning the vagina.

Is it safe to use yoni pearls?

Safety may not be guaranteed. It’s because generally, letting something stay in your vagina for a long time is harmful health-wise. Whatever the object is, it can collect bacteria resulting in risking a medical condition called Toxic shock syndrome, TSS. Can you imagine ladies are warned against using the tampon for longer than eight hours because it might cause TSS? So what about the yoni pearl that takes up to two days? It may cause not only TSS but also Pelvic inflammatory disease. Again, the pearl is wrapped in a mesh cloth, which is rough meaning it can scratch the inside of your vagina. What if it causes chronic irritation?

The purported yoni pearls advantages

Restore feminine health by improving various issues such as yeast and bacterial infections, fibroids, infertility, ovarian cysts, irregular menstruation, vaginal dryness and odor, expel fluid buildup, and genital itching.

Benefits of yoni pearls

  • Yoni pearls are natural products approved for quality standards. No chemical additives.
  • Helps maintain an acidic vaginal environment of PH 4.5. Its ingredients are relevant for maintaining proper blood circulation and providing an acidic environment for endocrine gland secretion.
  • Yoni pearls can help in gynecological ailments such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, dysplasia, and cervical erosion.
  • Purported to increase skin complexion. Detoxing helps reduce acne, strengthen nails and hair making people look healthy.
  • Claimed to prevent chronic illnesses. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, strokes, and other heart conditions can be improved through yoni detoxing. That the body’s detoxing systems are overloaded so, yoni detoxing assists in improving them.

Side effects involved

The yoni pearls may be natural but have side effects such as; It can cause

  • Itchiness
  • Foul odor
  • Watery discharge
  • Mild cramping
  • Yeast infection in some

How many yoni pearls to use?

It’s recommended that you only use three pearls maximum per cycle. The second cycle should begin at least after seven days. In case you’re experiencing menses, please don’t use them. Only one pearl is good for use if your body is sensitive.

Yoni pearls purge

Purging happens through the pearl’s working by using herbs that collect old blood clots, toxins, mucus, and dead cells, among others from the yoni. It also deters vaginal dryness and tightens it. Women suffering from fibroids may see tint fibroid tissues coming out and could bring cramping. It’s claimed that cramping indicates the pearl’s working. If you see a watery discharge, it means your yoni is purging all dirt from food, drinks, the soap you use for showering, and the cream applied on your body. The difference in women’s body compositions results in varying reactions after inserting the pearl. Some are likely to see the discharge a few hours after insertion while others after taking the pearl out. Again, don’t always expect to have the toxins or mucus come out immediately you pull the pearl out. It can happen sometime later maybe when showering or if you decide to force it out using your finger. Anyone wishing to clip a finger is advised to wash hands thoroughly to avoid irritation.

The bottom line

Yoni pearls are a claimed herbal and organic approach for restoring a woman’s vaginal health. However, no science confirms all the words and language used by marketers to lure you into buying the idea. If you’re worried about your vaginal health, it’s good to consult a professional for further guidance. Moreover, you should note that the vagina naturally cleanses itself. Artificial detoxing may just be another added option. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose.

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