How To Use And Clean A Wax Warmer

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Going to the parlor every three weeks to get those pesky body hair removed can be very exhausting to some – and relaxing to some too. But either way, you can use a wax warmer to get the job done whether you are using it for personal use or you are using it professionally. Here’s how to use and clean a wax warmer that is used for body hair removal.

How to use a Wax Warmer


This part is simple. You can easily get accustomed to how to heat up and use your wax warmer. Make sure you have a good amount of hard wax beans at your disposal, any of the kind and flavor that you like – be it lavender or lemon or rose or whatever. Keep your wax strips near your or depilatory papers, or popsicles, spatula – whichever piece you are using to wax.

Step 1

Okay, so the first part of using your wax warmer is turning the power on. You have to turn the power on and turn the dial to the highest temperature available on the wax pot. Leave the pot now for about 20 minutes with the wax inside the pot. The time might depend on how much wax you are using for depilation.

Step 2

After 20 minutes have passed, now you have to turn the dial to about its midway temperature point and leave it right there. Start with stirring the wax from the outer edge and then gradually lead to the middle. Work from the outer area first because it will help heat the middle part easier and the wax will melt evenly. You can add a little more wax bean to this mix to keep the wax cool enough for usage. Stir the wax melt every couple of minutes till the middle block is completely liquid now. You may need a readjustment of temperature depending on how well or bad it is melting.

Step 3

The next step is using the wax. But is it ready to be used? Check if the consistency of the molten wax is like honey dripping – if it is like that, then the wax is ready to use. Now you can turn the temperature dial off and turn the device off as well. Place the lid of the device on the pot to cover the wax. You are now ready to use this molten wax.

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How to keep your wax warmer clean

After using a wax warmer, it is also necessary to keep it clean so you can use it for longer without having to worry about the hygiene of the wax warmer. Keeping every device clean is crucial when it comes to things you are using for beauty benefit. Read on to know how to keep your wax warmer clean and usable for a longer lifespan.

Leave it a little warm

Always keep the wax warmer a little warm before you attempt to clean it. Remember that you have heated wax in it, and you cannot clean wax with water. It must be wiped away while still warm so that the least amount of residue stays. So after you have applied the wax and all, make sure you wait a little bit for the warmer to cool down – not all the way down though. Take necessary precautions when you’re handling this device when cleansing because you don’t want it to stay too hot – or it will burn your hands.

Save whatever can be saved

Check if you have any of the wax in the wax heater left. Whatever amount of wax is left in it, try to save it. It is for your own benefit. You can use this wax later by reheating it whether you heat it in the wax heater or in the oven – whichever method you like. But make sure you store it in a properly sterilized container.

Wax Strips

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You can use wax strips for cleaning the inside of the device. This means you can use paper or a cloth to remove the residue inside the waxing pot. Never use cotton pads to clean wax warmers – it can break and stick to the remaining residue of wax inside. This will make a mess and will be a nasty cleansing process later on. Some of the aestheticians recommend using a couch roll with wax remover oil to clean the inside of the wax heating pot.

Keeping the pot sterile

You must ensure that you are keeping the pot sterile so that there is no bacteria build-up in it. If that happens, using this wax warmer for the next usage will yield horrible results because you will have a chance of getting infected with bacteria if it is not sterile. Keep the hot sterile by using any salon sterilizing equipment or you can even use boiling water to keep it sterile.

Applying oil to wax warmers

In case there are any stains in the wax warmer, you can get rid of them by using a cloth and some mineral oil. You have to be a little careful about it, however, because using such solvents on plastic parts of the warmer might damage the material and cause cracks on the surface.

Preventing future damage

You can reduce the appearance of wax stains on the warmer. To do this, you can use paper collars around the waxing containing, and this way it will stay protected from wax dripping over the container and falling onto the surface.

The dos and don’ts for wax warmers

Now you know how to use and clean a wax warmer, you must remember a few things which you should be mindful of and never do. Firstly, never heat the wax warmer without the wax in it, otherwise, the system won’t work. Never leave the wax warmer turned on all night since it might shorten the life span of the wax warmer. Cut the power before cleaning for your own safety, and never soak the device in water.


From this article, you now know how to use a wax warmer and how to keep it squeaky clean for your next use. Also, you have come to know about what are the specifics you must do and must not for keeping your wax warmer steadily in good shape. Whether you are using it for personal use or for professional use, always be mindful of how it works and read the instruction manual of the kit you’re buying to stay alert.

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