Barbara Dare Net Worth 2023

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In the 1980s and early 1990s, Barbara Dare was one of the most popular adult film entertainers in the US. However, the lady hasn’t lost her charm as she’s grown in age. For someone nearing the milestone of 60 years old, Dare happens to be a gorgeous woman with a lot of class and flair.

The American has been at the center of a lot of wanted and unwanted attention in her high-profile career, however, we’ll have a look at everything. Keep on with this article till the very end to know everything about her from her life, family, career, and net worth.

About Barbara


Barbara Dare is a native Texan who rose to fame as a bright young woman in an industry full of competition. For people living in the contemporary world, she might not be a household name but she enjoys her minted anonymity at this part of her career.

The former entertainer still loves movies and happens to love Christian Bale, the modern Batman, and Leslie Caron. In her post-professional life, Dare is a voracious reader and always recommends “Memoirs of Hadrian” and several works by author Publius Vergilius Maro.

As per the pseudo-scientists, primrose and violet are her birth flowers and she loves to wear blue and violet shades as her wardrobe.

Early Life and Family

Barbara Dare was born on February 27th, 1963 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Coming from a fairly privileged family, Barbara grew up an independent young woman who could make her choices. We often see people go into a shell after being famous, but Barbara isn’t one of those people.

Dare has always been extremely accessible to members of the media and fans. She does try to shroud the identity of her family members just to protect them from the toxicity which might come in the public eye.

As an adult, she’s had several romantic relationships but she’s also managed to keep that away from publicity. It’s so because Barbara believes in keeping her professional and her private life as far apart as possible.

Few Surprising Facts About Barbara:


• In such an extensive career, it’s inevitable that people will miss some facts about the popular actress.
• In the list of popular actresses, Barbara impressively ranks as high as #470.
• Even as a modern and independent woman, Dare believes in some astrology and her astronomical sign is a Fish.
• At the heights of her powers, Barbara became the very first female to sign a professional contract with Essex Video Company, that too for ten movies per year.
• The term Vivid Girl became common as time went on but Dare was one of the very first people contracted with Vivid entertainment.
• In early parts of her career, Barbara worked as a stripper and performed erotic acts in certain bars and places of such sorts.

Net Worth

While everyone often saw adult entertainment as a place for despair and hardship, people like Barbara made great fortunes. Barbara Dare is worth over 1 Million USD as per the latest reports. However, this is an extremely volatile number as it’s widely known that the real amount might be much higher.

After retiring in 1994, Barbara has switched to being an entrepreneur and investor. She’s still well respected as someone who always worked on her own terms.

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