Anri Sugihara Net Worth 2023

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Not every gravure model has the pull and popularity as Anri Sugihara. The Japanese gravure idol was the perfect physical specimen for a gravure industry career. However, Anri isn’t someone who’s only good at one thing. She also happens to have successful careers in several classes of the entertainment industry.

About Anri

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Anri is a Fukuyama native who moved to the capital city of Tokyo to further her passion of being a model. Back in 2012, she got an opportunity in Hiroshima Prefecture as a Tourism Secretariat.

Not only has Anri grown up as a successful personality, she’s diversified with her interest in advanced finance. All of her knowledge comes into play with primary stock exchanges and profitable investments in Japan.

Early Life And Family Background of Anri Sugihara

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Anri was native to Fukuyama, Hiroshima. Her date of birth is June 12th, 1982. While she enjoys the attention to herself, the Gravure idol has been successful in keeping most of her personal life private. The secrecy in the life of Anri spans from her early childhood to her current relationship status.

It is, however, known that Sugihara has always been unmarried and generally keeps herself out of trouble. The 39-year-old has her sights set on progressing on her career with all her focus for now.

Anri’s Career Highlights And Milestones

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As a promising young model, her career received massive backing from some high-profile talent houses. In her debut, Anri got help from Star max Productions, Fitone, and Ari max. These early appearances set her up for massive popularity.

Even as a model, she was working as an active professional actress and even got herself into a major list as an independent artist. With her genre of modelling, Anri made appearances in magazine covers related to lifestyle, fashion, and food.

Interesting & Less-Known Stuff About Anri Sugihara

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  • Obviously with someone like Anri, it’s difficult to find out things that aren’t omni-present but there’s always something as long as you research well. Here are some facts that you might have never heard of about Anri Sugihara and her career path:-
  • The Gravure field is very limited to people on the basis of their age. At 30, the professionals are already people who’re waiting to get the boot. However, Anri has persevered through the stereotypes and been there a long time.
  • In 12 years of acting, Anri has been part of several TV dramas such as Hisho no Kagami and Tetsuko no Sodate-kata. She’s often playing a cameo but has led shows a few times too.
  • Capoeira is just another skill possessed by Anri, and loves to travel to Thailand often.
  • In her career, Sugihara has been famous for her semi-nude pictures but she refuses to work in the adult industry or pose nude any project.
  • The reason modeling professionals seem to love Anri so much is because of her unique ability to carry certain amounts of innocence, even in extremely bold and sensual pictures.
  • As an investor and financial enthusiast, Anri’s rise has been well documented and has earned her the title of “Zai Tech Taranto”

Net Worth

Her garners around one million. Sometimes it rises to 5 million even from modeling and acting. She earned a lot in a very young age when compared to her peers and competitors.

After a marvellous career in modelling in Japan, Sugihara has been successful in creating quite a fortune for herself. As per the latest estimates, Anri has a net worth around $5 Million. While most of that is a result of her professional contracts in modelling, it might not be the case for long. Investing in stocks of interest will be a major revenue generator if done properly.

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