Amanda Gorman Net Worth 2023

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Joe Biden’s presidency meant a lot of things for the US, however, there was a certain picture that summed up the event. On the inauguration day, January 20th, 2023, a young poet stood in a bright yellow dress reciting a powerful poem galvanising all American.

This brilliant young girl is Amanda Gorman with the spine-tingling poem, “The Hill We Climb”. In a divisive time, her appearance was a moment of unity among the masses. It might not have really brought together the country, but it did make for a splendid picture and moment.

Amanda Gorman was a center of tons and tons of attention from the media and public at the time. However, we’ll be looking at her life, career, lifestyle, and net worth after the rockstar moment.

Early Life


Amanda Gorman was born on March 7th, 1998 in Los Angeles, California. As a child, she has influenced by her mother, teacher and activist Joan Wicks. At a young age, she heard conversations about race, feminism, and the experience of African-Americans in the US. With her siblings, the household was always into free expression and activism.

Self-described as an ‘odd child’, Amanda was one with the words. Even with a minor speech impediment, Amanda always held her own in expressing herself through speech and poetry. The literary expertise of Amanda was beyond her years and it was the start of her journey right from school.

Her Achievements


In 2023, Amanda completed her graduation from Harvard in Sociology. This not only certified her as a brilliant student but also put her on the map at 22-years-old. Phi Beta Kappa was the fraternity in association with Amanda. They awarded the Milken Family Scholarship to Gorman in her senior year.

Also, back in 2014, Amanda received the Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles at 16. She followed up this achievement by becoming National Youth Poet Laureate at 19-years-old.

Amanda Gorman is so multi-talented that she published her debut book in 2015, “The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough” at 17. This put her on Time’s 100 Next Phenoms list!

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Amanda Gorman:


Amanda Gorman is extremely young and very early in her career. Therefore, her profile is somewhat unclear, people just haven’t had much of a chance to watch and follow her. After scurrying the sources, here’s some interesting facts about her life:

Amanda Gorman was the first poet in history to ever feature on the infamous cover of Vogue magazine. She subsequently became the first poet to deliver a Super Bowl performance.
Amanda’s Capitol dream doesn’t end with her performance. She is very interested in politics and wants to run for a presidential position in 2036.
Dr. Jill Biden, America’s first lady specially picked Amanda to deliver the poem on the special day for the Biden family as a matter of personal choice and the message it sent.

Net Worth

Before the inauguration, to be totally fair, she was just a prodigal student. Despite her talents as a young author, she wasn’t worth much because she didn;t have much of a clout. Everything changed after the performance at the Capitol, which has really given a boost to her profile.

As of the latest estimates, Amanda Gorman has a net worth of over $2 Million. Most of the revenue generated are directly related to books published under her name.

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