Sunrise Adams Net Worth 2023

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You must be familiar with the actress of ‘Heart of Darkness’ ,who is none other than the stunningly beautiful Sunrise Adams. She is an actor ,model and has worked at various entertainment businesses. ‘ Portrait Of Sunrise’ was the first film she was featured in.

Her popularity scattered when she shaked hands with the adult film industry. She also signed the vivid entertainment for a tenure two years which later on in 2005 was resigned. She is also famous on other platforms as well. Well, that’s not an end there is a lot that you must be curious to know so carry on.

Let’s buckle up and move further to know more about Sunrise Adams.



Do you know who Cassie Dale Huggins is? If you guessed that it’s Sunrise Adams herself then you’re right.It’s her pseudonym. Cassie is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri in the USA and came into existence on 14 September, 1982.

Cassie usually replicates herself to be a spiritual entity. She further considers herself as truth seeker which is why she relates to a spiritual entity.She is always amused to solve riddles, conduct researches ,discover and explore. This helps us interpret her musing potential.

Sunset Thomas is her aunt. Who is a porn star which led emphasis on Adams while she signed for the adult film industry.She reflected the knowledge of what her aunt pondered after which her life was untamed.

More Dirty Debutantes 186‘ was her first film with Ed Powers in 2001.It was her foremost pornographic film, which was a disremember experience.

But later in 2006, she was back to the porn industry and also dealt with Vivid videos when she returned a year later. She co-starred with Hillary Scott ,Sunny Lane. Added by her first website which was deactivated.

Her Career and Major Milestones

  • In 2002 she performed in “House Sitting” which was the best sex ever.
  • After her modelling in the Pony internationals she worked in ‘Thinking XXX’.
  • In 2003 she lost to Jenna Haze in the Best Actress Award function but later she showcased in skateboard film grind.
  • Neil Cavuto featured Cassie on Your World. Steve Hirsch also added.
  • ‘Oral Sex Scene Award’ was hers in 2004.

Net Worth


As an author with great Writing skills and an international actor both widely contribute to her income which is figured to be 1million dollars to 6 million dollars. In the 2019-2020 list of richest porn stars in the USA she ranks at top.Including her assets with her own house and career income her net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million.

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