All You Need To Know About Silent Migraine

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There are a number of diseases the human body has to deal with, and with time and pressure, those health problems have just increased over time. Along with physical health problems mental health issues are also at their peak during these times. One such issue that has arisen in the past few years and has evolved in many forms is a silent migraine. It is slightly different from the normal migraine we know about.

But luckily for us, medical science has evolved along with time so we have enough information and cure for such types of health problems. So, it is easier for us to catch any disease at an early phase and so is the case for migraine and silent migraine. So what are these two, what is the difference, symptoms and what about the cure? Let us jump into these questions and clear every important doubt about them.

Migraine or silent migraine?


Unlike any of those deadly diseases that have a very little frequency of occurring, Migraine is a very common disease in modern times. So that means the study research and data we have about it is also in a required quantity.

According to medical reports, if a person is feeling a very heavy headache along with dizziness, nausea, and high sensitivity in sense organs especially light and sound waves then that person might have a migraine.

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Migraine is a mental health issue and the worst part about it is that the pain it causes is unbearable. So, if you have any of these symptoms then better consult your doctor as soon as possible. Migraine is easy to detect as you can feel the intense pain in your head. But there is a type of migraine that does not hurt, even a bit and that is what we call a Silent migraine.

Silent Migraine

Unlike regular migraines, a silent migraine is, when you feel no headache in a migraine aura. Now read that again a migraine aura. The aura of a migraine is not your actual migraine, rather it is a signal that you might have to deal with migraines in the future. So if you are having a silent migraine, chances are that your brain might trick you into thinking that you have something else other than a migraine aura. This is because you will be having other symptoms so yes, you will know something is wrong with your health but you will feel no pain so you might never think in the direction of migraine.

How problematic a silent migraine can be?

Well, diseases are called dis-ease because your body does not feel any ease during that time. So does not matter how small the problem is you have to suffer from some discomfort with it. Do not panic by discomfort we do not mean some sort of serious problems, that just means that you have to face some issues depending upon the type of disease you have. So in the case of silent migraine.

Silent migraines do not cause pain, which is very much true, but that does not mean you will not have other symptoms. Other symptoms such as constipation, dizziness, and sensitivity, will still be there. These will cause enough problems in your regular lives.

So how much you are going to suffer in a silent migraine totally depends upon the symptoms you have. So let us jump towards the symptoms.

Symptoms of Silent Migraine

  • You might feel dizzy even when you are fully awake.
  • Constant weakness and not able to come to your full senses.
  • Regular mood swings.
  • A sensation of light and sound.

These are some of the symptoms you might feel if you are having a silent migraine. If you have any of these for a much longer period of time, do not waste a single second and visit your medical consultant or doctor immediately.

The cause of Silent Migraine

Regular migraine is not a new thing, and we discussed we already have enough research in the record books. So, if a silent migraine is similar to a regular one in some ways that means we must have enough information about that as well, right? Well, this is a half-truth. This means that is neither fully right nor wrong.

We have enough information about silent migraine still the main cause is not yet clear. While there are some strong arguments on the cause, some believed it is genetic while others believe it is acquired and some say both can be the reason together.

It is a mental health issue that means it is related to your brain and nervous system. Chances are that your brain chemicals might lose the balance of their flow and lead to such conditions. But it is not cleared yet. Some external factors are also said to be the reason for such a cause.

Those additional external reasons could include bad food habits, side effects of medicines, and stress. Modern-day lifestyle is also one of the reason. These things can be controlled at a human level.

Cure for silent migraine

First of all, you need to visit a doctor if you want to cure a silent migraine. Then the doctor will prescribe you some medicines. The prescription will depend upon the type of silent migraine you have, if your migraine is just a one-time thing then you may not need to worry about some extra medical care. But if that is repetitive and occurs at a high frequency you might need preventive medicine.

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Preventive medicines are of many types and they all perform differently, for any person. Tell your doctor everything about your condition and they will decide which one to give you.


And that was everything you needed to know about silent migraine at your level. So the question is that, whether this can be prevented at our level or not? Well yes and no. You cannot fully prevent it with your efforts but you can minimize the chances by bringing some healthy changes in your lifestyle, such as yoga and proper eating habits.

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