A Complete Review Of Exuviance Radiance Serum

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Exuviance radiance serum review

Beforehand, Exuviance Radiance Serum was referred to as Vespera Bionic Serum. It’s worth noting that Exuviance Radiance Serum is commonly known as an anti-aging facial serum due to its ability to improve seven symptoms that are associated will aging. Among the photoaging conditions that the serum can prevent include loss of firmness, dullness, rough texture, lines plus wrinkles, enlarged pores, and to say nothing of uneven skin tone. So that we can review Exuviance Radiance Serum exhaustively, we have divided our reviews into three broad categories, including key ingredients, how to use the product as well as sampling some reviews from customers.

Key Ingredients in Exuviance Radiance Serum

The major ingredients that are in manufacturing Exuviance Radiance Serum include:

  • Mandelic acid
  • Gluconolactone
  • Lactobionic acid
  • Retinyl palmitate
  • Vitamins C and E

Let’s now look at how each ingredient will benefit your skin.

Mandelic acid

Mandelic acid is a form of alpha-hydroxy acid that can be shortened as AHA. AHA has the power of improving the tone of your skin as well as its respective texture in a process known as exfoliation. It’s worth noting that AHA works by targeting corneocytes which consist of dead skin cells that make up the top layers of skin. The overall process that brings new texture plus skin tone is popularly known as corneocyte desquamation. The process is responsible for the enhanced breakdown and increased separation of skin cells. In the end, the body will see an increased rate of cell turnover that will translate into smoother and brighter skin. Mandelic acid does not pass without side effects. For example, it comes with a large molecular size that makes it penetrate the skin slowly. The good, however, is that the substance has a low risk of causing irritation.

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Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid

They are two additional acid ingredients whose presence in Exuviance Radiance Serum is vital. Both gluconolactone and lactobionic acid are classified as polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), the second generation hydroxy acids that are similar to AHAs but with more power to provide anti-aging benefits without causing irritation. To a greater percentage, PHAs the best option if you’re looking for something that can work on sensitive skin.

Benefits of Gluconolactone to your skin

  • Provides anti-aging, antioxidant, together with gentle exfoliating benefits without sun sensitivity.
  • Has the power of strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and this will leave the skin more resilient.

Benefits of Lactobionic acid 

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores and not to mention roughness through gentle exfoliation.
  • It’s an antioxidant that can target naturally-occurring, skin degrading enzymes and help in maintaining a youthful look.
  • It has the power to attract moisture to the skin as well as holding it to prevent dehydration.

Retinyl palmitate

Retinyl palmitate is another anti-aging ingredient that has helped in giving Exuviance Radiance Serum in cementing its position on the market. It’s important to realize that the substance goes through various conversion stages after applications, ranging from retinyl palmitate to retinaldehyde, then to retinoic acid. Since the product must undergo two steps of conversion before being absorbed into the body, it causes less irritation when compared to retinol and other retinoids.

There are various ways that retinyl palmitate will improve the look of your skin. The first way through which retinyl palmitate can improve the appearance of your skin is by inhibiting collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen. This is one process that’s vital in ensuring that your skin looks more firm while eliminating wrinkles. The substance is important in the shedding of the stratum corneum while simultaneously increasing epidermal proliferation. This means that the substance has the power to produce rapid skin growth.

The combination of rapid regeneration of cells together with exfoliation of the stratum improves the appearance of aging skin and peels away dark spots as well as blemishes. Over time these processes will improve acne, soften the skin, lift dark spots, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamins C and E

The last ingredients in the Exuviance Radiance Serum formula are vitamins C and E that are both powerful antioxidants with the ability to offer numerous benefits to the skin. Since they are antioxidants, they play a fundamental role in protecting the skin in what can be described as free radical damage. In most cases, free radicals come as direct chemical alterations of the cellular DNA, the cell membrane, and cellular proteins such as collagen.

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It must be remembered that collagen comes as signs of premature skin aging. Signs of premature skin aging include wrinkles, lines together with sagging skin. Apart from protecting collagen from free radical damage, it also activates the production of new collagen. No secret that the inclusion of vitamins C and E in the Exuviance Radiance Serum was a welcoming move. Compelling evidence shows that the antioxidant activity of vitamin E becomes stronger when combined with vitamin C.

How to use Exuviance Radiance Serum

If you want to apply the product, you’re supposed to use your fingertips to apply it gently to your skin that needs to be clean. You can spread Exuviance Radiance Serum smoothly all over the face as well as neck or even applied it to specific areas. You can massage the excess amount of Exuviance Radiance Serum to your skin. For maximum result, you should apply Exuviance Radiance Serum twice daily. You can use Exuviance Radiance Serum alone or combine it with a moisturizer. Significantly, remember to follow what is popularly known as a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen when applying the Exuviance Radiance Serum during the day.

Where can you get Exuviance Radiance Serum?

You can get Exuviance Radiance Serum from the brand’s website. In addition, there are plenty of reputable online marketers that will offer the product at an affordable price.

Wrap up

Exuviance Radiance Serum is one product that you should not miss if you want to maintain your youthful appearance.

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