Erica Boyer Net Worth 2023

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The most charismatic and gorgeous actress ,Erica Boyer is Almerican porn star. At her times she was the magnificent leading lady who had die-hard fans.

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About Boyer

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She was born in Andalusia, Andama,US. On a fine day in December ,1956, she established her presence in this world. Erica was fond of colours ,pink and violet.Amanda Margaret Gantt was her real name.

This personality comes from Andalusia in the US whose birthday is on December 22 and 1956 is the year she was born.Also she was imminent and inevitable among the actors of her time. Erica still looked young even when she was 53.She was tenacious when it came to work.

Dare’s Early Life And Family

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This actress currently lives in Wichita Falls,in the USA as her family moved from Wayne, USA. She is also famous as Erica Bee, Joanne McRay,etc. Despite being a revealing pornographic star she never let her personal relationships, family and career have an usher. She is a taciturn when it comes to her conjugal matters. Neither anything is disclosed about her education nor early accomplishments. Her variance is reflected when she straight away repudiates anything asked about her family. Boyer might be vibrant at the set but is very sensitive in disclosing her life style.Its stupendous of her resistance towards privacy.

She was initially married to Rand Gauthier and later on got divorced. Later she tied a knot with Derrick Jenson and was blessed with a son,Davis. Her life ended when she came across a fierce accident in 2009 on the eve of New year. A four wheeler Hyundai hit her while crossing the road and it was just after 9 days of her birthday.

Few Things About Barbara Dare That you Didn’t Know

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It’s always that we are curious to know the non configured aspects of our idol’s life or the film actors and actresses.These below instincts show how unique and successful Dare was.

Nina Hartley was the one who gave Erica Boyer her nickname that was ‘The Goddess of Erotica’.
As she is one of the prominent pornographic stars is ranked in the list of 470 popular actors.
She also entered the AVN and ‘XRCO Hall of Fame‘.
Before her career started as an actress she was a stripper.
According to Erica’s astrology, she holds Capricorn.

Net Worth

Erica Boyer was scrutinized to be the richest American porn actor. She is one of the notable stars whose wealth increased over the years. She was one of the remarkable actresses who earned a striking worth of $1 – $5million. All her wealth usually came through her acting career where she also worked with various other adult actors of that time. She has a good sense of humour and fortune. It was awe-inspiring that she was a dedicated actor.

This American personality is exceptional, portraying her lifestyle as a great example.She will always remain in our hearts.

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