Top 10 Mattresses For Back Pain Relief

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Here is a question what is that one thing you would love to do when you are really tired? To take a comfortable sleep we guess, as no one would like to do at a party when they are tired and have no energy left. Sleeping is like a recharge to our human body and mind, but do you know you’re sleeping position and style can be a reason for various types of pain in your body. Like sleeping on a high pillow can cause pain in your neck while sleeping on a stiff mattress can be the reason for your back pain. 

It is said that even sleeping for too long can also lead to back pain, so yes sleeping is important but what’s more important is that we know how to sleep properly. 

Why the mattress matter?

A mattress is on which you sleep, so that means your body is dependent and is forced on the top layer of the mattress. If the pressure is applied at the wrong points it can cause pain in different areas. Back pain is one of them which occurs due to the wrong choice of mattress, so let us not make that mistake and find a mattress that is best suited for a carefree sleep. 

10 best mattresses for back pain relief

Bear Mattress

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This layered mattress is the first on our list for some reasons. First, this way it is woven is not some casual method there has been a Celliant Infrared Yarn Technology. It can also help you relieve your back pain with a reverse effect of your body heat. 

The Purple Mattress

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If comfort is your priority then this mattress is just made for you, being very much comfortable with double layering one being hard while others being soft giving you enough comfort. A great option to kill your back pain with ease. 

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

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You can take a look above and go for a hybrid mattress as well. A hybrid mattress is exactly what your brain is thinking right now, by its name. it is a mixture of memory foam and coal. This mattress is double-sided which it very much is can give you variation in the same mattress. It has a removable cover so yeah, cleaning is easy now. 

The Saatva Classic Mattress

View from the side of a Saatva mattress.

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This mattress is designed in such a way that it can apply comfort and pressure at the desired points to help you get rid of your back pain. It helps you to ease out and relax from your spinal region to your mid and lower back. The only demerit you could draw out of it is that it is a bit too pricey like it is more than $1000 but again if we come down to its durability that makes it a worthy investment. 

Level Sleep Mattress

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This mattress evenly spreads the pressure to your entire body and we know the physics here that means less force on one part of the body. The surface is soft and body-hugging so it gives enough support to your everybody part making them relaxed and helping you with the back pain. 

Helix Dusk

Helix Sunset mattress image

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A brand that has a great variety still keeps things simple and straight is Helix. Their mattresses are not limited you have several options to choose from and to make your work easier they avoid many technicalities in the description. If you have the problem of back pain you must and must try their mattress as they have satisfactory layers and enough comfort for your back. 

Haven Boutique Mattress

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Let us be honest none of us here are very disciplined and attentive while sleeping. And some people like to move a lot while sleeping. If you are also someone who happens to have different sleeping positions then you would like to check out Haven’s mattress. This seven-layered mattress will give you enough comfort in any sleeping position. 

Sweet night gel memory foam mattress

queen size mattress

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Take a good sleep, have sweet dreams, what you cannot? Why the heat? Heat and temperature are not in our human hands which is a pretty good thing if we think in general, but what happens if your body heat becomes the reason for your back pain. A pretty dumb argument if you just look at it, but it is not. Your body heat has effects on your back pain. This mattress can not control the heat in the environment but it can control it from your body, more like it can absorb it from your body. 

Sleep Number C2 Smart Bed

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It is great to be able to form and set the bed according to your own will. The number C2 smart bed very much does the work for you. It is a smart bed right, so it can be customized accordingly, to support your body and get rid of your back pain. But they are not budget-friendly so you may have to think a bit about the price. 

Casper Mattress

Casper Hybrid Mattress

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These mattresses have a 4 level layering and the best part is it’s a spring mattress so yes, you can enjoy a trampoline at your home (do not jump on it). It can also help to take away your unwanted body heat with the help of its airflow holes. It can provide enough support to the upper and lower half of the body to maintain a balance and help with back pain. 


And here we are, we now know which mattress to buy for your back pain. Aside from mattress choice, you might also need to consider other things such as your pillow height, your bedsheet quality as these are also the factors that could affect your good night’s sleep and cause some problems.

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