How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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Whether it is because you want to try a different look or because you just want to see how you would look this way, I´ll show you how to make your eyes look bigger with the following tips.

With and without makeup, I´ll take you through some things that you may want to take into consideration in about changing the apparent size of your eyes, you may want to do this to highlight them a little more, or to drift away from the focus from other clothing accessories or whatever you want!

Why is this important in the first place?

Well, the eyes may be considered from some of the windows to the soul of another person. Or, if you want it more concise, you can have a quicker and more accurate first impression of someone according to what the eyes are telling you about them.
And for something that important, just lacking a few hours of sleep may really take its toll on your look. Staring at a computer for many hours on end working or studying can also give your eyes an unhealthy look.

So, what can you do to reverse this situation?

With makeup

Define your eyebrows

Your eyebrows are half of what frame your eyes into your face, so don´t underestimate the power of some brow mascara, a pencil or some gel can have into redefining your – looking – look. A little extra tip, do not focus on trying to get a lifting effect on them, just make them seem longer, going just a little bit closer to the ears.

Take care of your under-eye area

Keep the zone moisturized throughout the whole day, this will make your eye bags much easier to handle. When it´s the moment of going out, remember that the tone that the area gets is a dark purple, so treating it with some light day cream, or with a peachy tone that cancels the purple and helps to get back to your normal skin tone, is the way to go.

It´s recommended that you apply some setting powder afterward, with a blush or with a little bit of cotton rolled into a ball to help to apply it.

Brighten your waterline

The waterline is the lower part of your eye, and by using a pencil in a very light shade (Like a beige, for example) apply it into your lower waterline. Do this very carefully and slowly to avoid any mistakes. This will create an amazing brightening effect.

Enhance the natural shadow of the crease of your eyes

This part of the skin has a natural darker tone so this will be easy. If you want to get more dramatic you can extend the line further, but with only applying a little blush there you will already archive your goal.

Cheeks and cheekbones

Remember that I said that your eyebrows frame half of your eyes into your face? Well, your cheekbones are the remaining half. If you manage to handle both things simultaneously you will be able to shift the attention towards your eyes 100% of the time.


Here I will give you two tips instead.

  • Do not encircle your eyes: If you do that they will appear smaller.
  • Use a thinner line: The same as before, if you are going to use it be very very gentle on it.

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Without make-up

Make sure that your brows are well cared for.

Maintaining them well-groomed, well defined, and removing those exceeding little hairs is the key to framing your eyes perfectly. Even if you are going to use makeup you need to do this. But do not overdo it! You need to be careful of leaving your brows thin and undefined because then you are going to lose all your progress.

Under-eye area

Without makeup you can´t hide your eye bags, so the only way to remove them naturally is to be well-rested. Seven or eight hours should be enough. Also, washing your face daily and with the correct skincare products is essential.  Some soaps can damage or dry your skin. Be sure to use warm water and not extremely cold or hot water because the sudden changes in temperature can also be damaging.

Hydration is super important in this area because the skin is very fragile, so you can use cream up to two times per day to keep an eye, on your eyes. The cream will also help to prevent lines, puffiness, and add a little bit of brightness that is never badly received.


You can curl them a little bit to make them look longer, and just with that, your eyes will irradiate a lot more life and presence. You do not need, at all, to use fake lashes to get this. With a slow horizontal motion from your mascara wand, you can give them the little boost they need to become even more lovely.

If you want to know some quick hacks to make your eyes look bigger instantly, then watch this video.

Some extra notes

  • If your eyes get red constantly, from tiredness or for working with screens all day, keep in your bag a little bottle of eye drops. You don´t wanna make people focus on your eyes if they are not on their prime!
  • If you use glasses, you can switch to contact lenses. Or if you do not want to, make sure to buy glasses with a very thin frame.
  • Using your clothes colors that combine with your eyes is also a very good idea.
  • Giving the skin around your eyes a super soft massage can incentivize blood movement and therefore improve drainage and reduce puffiness.
  • Having a better diet always helps, with everything. In this case, as the skin is so fragile high amount of salt, alcohol, and sugars can become really notorious around these areas.

And at last, remember that your dermatologist can give you much more detailed information about how to take proper care of your skin, with and without makeup. And that you are always beautiful!

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