A Complete Review Of Forchics Eyelash Serum

Forchics eyelash enhancing serum review

Long lashes are a dream for many, and for instant results, many use fake lashes. But as it said, beauty comes at its own cost. As do does eye makeup, constant use of fake lashes might end up hurting your natural eyelash growth. Although there are many remedies for growing lashes, not all of them are eyelash specific, so chances are that they might work for some and can be a total disappointment for others. To solve this ForChics has launched their eyelash serum.

ForChics is a beauty brand that deals with beauty-related products. ForChics has launched their eyelash serum, which serves the purpose of growing eyelashes, naturally. By the first look, this product seems promising, but let us try to see if this product is so good or not. Let us try to analyze the good and the bad aspects of the product and try to reach one conclusion.

How to use the Forchics Eyelash Serum

The eyelash serum comes in a long container and has an applicator. The product is supposed to be applied with the applicator on the lashes just like mascara.

It is better if it is applied right before bed every day. The product is believed to start showing results from the constant use of 2 weeks.

How to let us divide the product into the good and the bad side and see if it is worth your eyes.


The good aspects

  • Texture– The texture of this product is very thin. Hence it does not feel heavy and doesn’t irritate the eyes. Unlike some other home remedies, this eyelash serum is designed for the eyelashes, hence it eliminates the possibility of being harsh and heavy for eyes and lashes.
  • Ingredients– the serum claims to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free and also has all plant-based ingredients. The natural elements in this product make it safe for any sort of use. Whenever we are talking about any beauty product especially for eyes, the factor that concerns them most is the fear of the damage it might do. And that is the reason most people prefer natural home remedies, and this problem seems to be solved by the ForChics eyelash serum. The natural touch in the serum sure does gives the user the comfort of natural protection.
  • Fast results– One thing this serum boasts of is the fast results. And that is something worthy of being the best quality of the serum. The serum shows results in 2 weeks and can reach its full potential in 4 weeks. This is the biggest plus point if the serum as sometimes various other serums might be good but due to their results being delayed the users might not enjoy the results. So when it comes to fast results this one ticks the box.
  • Easy application– As the serum comes with the applicator, it is very much easy to use the product. All you have to do is to apply the serum on the eyelashes with the applicator. That’s it! The job is well and good their only.
    Oil-free- The serum is oil-free and is also non-sticky. Oil can make your eyes greasy and can also damage the eyes in a long run. So the fact that this product is oil-free helps a lot for the users.

The negative aspects

  • Not a long-lasting product– Although this serum claims to be useful from the second week, the users might want to store it for a bit longer. And this is where the problem starts. A lot of users complaint that their serum started to give a foul smell after a month, while there were a few cases where the serum gave a bad smell right after the 3rd week. These things don’t contribute much to the amount that is spent on buying the serum and that leads us to our second negative and that is the cost.
  • Price– This serum is not a very cheap product. From the official site, it comes for around $29, which is not a very reasonable price if we consider the amount and number of times it is used. Yes, the fake eyelashes are costlier, yet the duration for which they can be used is much longer than this serum. The price might seem like a neutral aspect for many but if we were getting more serum at that price which could be used for a longer time, then it might have been an affordable option, but at the current rate, it is surely high.
  • Not fit for all types– Now this is one very debatable point as everyone has mixed reactions to it. The serum is not the same for all. That said there are few people for whom the serum might start showing the results from the first day, while there are others who might not see the difference even after the 4th week. This is a very big concern as it is very much difficult to figure out whether this product will suit you or not. And as mentioned before the price does not seem very cheap, so it can also not be used for a just trial to check, if it will suit you or not.
  • Short-term results– The eyelashes that are grown from this serum are not going to stay there forever. Once you stop using the serum chances are that your lashes might go back to the phase of how they were in the beginning. So once you start using this product, you might have to continue it, because if you stop your lashes will not show the same growth.

The final verdict

This might be a great product for the ones, who does not mind spending a lot from their pocket. If you are having some really serious problem with eyelashes and they need some urgent care, and if you don’t mind spending some extra money, this serum is for you.

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